More Than A Quarter Of Britons Worry Life Will Never Go Back To Normal

According to a shock poll, more than a quarter of Britons think life will never get back to normal after coronavirus.

Exclusive research for a newspaper outlet found 26 per cent couldn’t see our pre-pandemic lifestyles returning at any time.

The majority of those questioned by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, 38 per cent, harboured hopes that the country would be back on track at some point next year.

But the scale of the pessimism emphasises the grip ‘coronaphobia’ has taken on the nations psyche, even though virtually all lockdown restrictions have been dropped.

The survey emerged as separate Office for National Statistics (ONS) polling discovered people are still obeying COVID rules even though they’re no longer compulsory in many cases.

Between July 21 and 25, after Freedom Day in England, the proportion of adults wearing face coverings outside their homes remained firmly at 95 per cent.

Some 61 per cent said they always maintained social distancing, dropping only marginally from 63 per cent the week before.

Research for a newspaper outlet also reported that numerous Britons seem to have given up going overseas on holiday this year, amid a shambles over travel rules.

Only 10 per cent plan to travel overseas while four per cent intend to travel both abroad and domestically this summer.

More than half of respondents said they don’t plan to travel anywhere and will be staying at home, and it seems like the majority of people are fearing Boris Johnson and his crew of oddballs and ever-changing law and restrictions, than the virus itself.

And I fear that the new normal will be repeated lockdowns, jabs, continuous monitoring of our behaviour, diet and social habits et cetera, and in a couple of years, we’ll be referring to 2021 as the good old days, remembering 2019 when we had freedom of choice, when we took our own medical decisions, and when the Government were supposed to serve us.

We should all forget normal, the normal is like the Chinese social credit system, eating no meat but plenty of insect protein. No driving, no flying unless you happen to be a billionaire with a private jet, and a huge decline in population, although it’s a tad unclear how they’re going to reduce the world population to less than a billion, I’m guessing it might involve some deaths.

Don’t worry folks, I don’t own a lovely tinfoil hat, and I don’t suffer from paranoia.

Of course, nothing is supposed to go back to normal, with those still wearing masks, rolling their eyes at those without masks – just nod at them and smile, because aggressively rolling your eyes at us won’t make us appear any crazier.

And it’s nice to now see a happy face, and most people seem delighted to see a real smiling face.

We’re already a country where health and safety has gone mad, and shortly all the rules we had for COVID will be built into health and safety legislation, and the NHS and particularly GP surgeries will never be the same again.

The same will go for public sector buildings and countless shops and hospitality places – there will be rules for this and rules for that, and it’s troubling that some people not only appear to be willing to continue living restricted lives, but they seem happy about it.

And did you know that according to the Government’s own statistics 44 per cent of people hospitalised with COVID had it before they were admitted to hospital, which suggests that more than half of the people counted as COVID admission and caught it after they were admitted, but were counted anyhow and approximately 40 per cent of all UK COVID deaths were said to be from COVID, and the rest were likely to have caught it after admission with another serious illness such as cancer or a heart attack?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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