More Than One Is Not Amused!

Visitors at Buckingham Palace Gardens took to TripAdvisor with poor reviews about their experience, calling the Queen’s official residence a money-making machine.

Ticket sales for the opportunity to enjoy a picnic at the palace has had to be suspended when they were first issued due to overwhelming demand.

However, visitors have warned other guests away from the attraction after discovering large parts of the gardens were out of bounds.

The palace website promised visitants the opportunity to soak up the charm and calm of this walled sanctuary on a self-guided tour, and according to a newspaper outlet visitors would then be able to enjoy a once in a lifetime chance to picnic on the lawn.

This summer the 39 acre gardens were opened for self-guided tours and picnics for the first time after admission into the palace exhibitions was discontinued last year.

The gardens include a 511-foot herbaceous border and plane trees planted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Tickets went on sale in April at £16.50 for an adult or £42 for a family with up to three children, but guests were left unhappy with their experience, citing oppressive security guards, a prohibition on prosecco, overpriced food and rip off shop tat as a reason not to go.

One visitor called it a money-making machine, while another added they felt cheated by the royals.

Many also criticised the size of the area in the gardens, which opened in July, that was open for the public to access, and many were surprised that areas, including the rose garden and wildflower meadow, were off-limits without spending an additional £6.50 per person for a guided tour, which needed to be booked in advance.

Review sites have been inundated with comments criticising them as bitterly disappointing and poor value for money, and one disgruntled patron wrote on TripAdvisor that people should beware of this total rip off and that they paid £16.50 for entrance to the gardens, expecting to laze around and to see gorgeous flowers and trees.

What they encountered was first a lengthy queue to security checks, and then a piece of lawn enveloped by standing stewards scrutinising your every move and ropes segregating the rest of the garden.

And that the small portion of the park that people could enter was easily walkable in around ten minutes and nothing was interesting to see there.

People couldn’t even sit on the lake’s bank to view the wildlife because of the ropes everywhere, and people felt extremely frustrated and cheated by the royals, but then haven’t the royals cheated us since their existence?

And let’s face it, the entire Royal Family are a money-making machine.

Of course, Buckingham Palace isn’t owned by the Queen, it’s own by the Crown Estates, and the sovereign isn’t involved with the management or administration of the estate, and exercises only very limited control of its operations.

Of course, it’s a money-making machine – even if you were to go to Paris or Rome, it’s the same. Go, or don’t go, it’s an individual choice, and there are numerous beautiful gardens and lawns to see that are free, so what’s the appeal when it comes to Buckingham Palace?

And of course, the view across London alone is worth a visit to the top of Greenwich Park.

The Royal Family are my least favourite people, so I clearly wouldn’t want to be going to Buckingham Palace, especially to see their gardens and flowers, but there are still lots of people who are extremely devoted where the Royals are concerned, and that’s great, each to their own if they want to waste their money, that’s up to them.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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