Pfizer CEO Says A Vaccine-Resistant Strain Of COVID Is Likely To Emerge

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said on Tuesday that he believes it’s possible that a strain of COVID 19 could surface that’s resistant to vaccines.

However, the pharmaceuticals boss maintained that the company would be able to develop a new shot to tackle a vaccine-resistant strain within 95 days of its appearance.

Albert Bourla said that every time that a variant arises in the world, their scientists are getting their hands around it and that they’re investigating to see if this variant can escape the protection of their vaccine.

He said that they haven’t identified any yet, but they believe that one day, one of them may emerge, and he added that they have developed a process that inside 95 days from the day that they identify a variant as a variant of concern, they will be able to have a vaccine tailor-made against this variant.

In July, Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, cautioned that the coronavirus could mutate and possibly evade vaccines soon.

So-called breakthrough infections amongst people who’ve had Pfizer’s vaccine, as well as shots from Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, have occurred, although they seldom result in severe illness.

However, a virologist at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada told a newspaper outlet that it was doubtful that the coronavirus could mutate into a vaccine-resistant strain.

Angela Rasmussen said that it would need so many mutations in the spike protein that this virus wouldn’t work anymore.

Other experts recently blasted a fear-mongering article warning of a doomsday COVID 19 variant which could be more dangerous than Delta.

The doctors emphasised the effectiveness of the jab against the virus and noted that vaccine makers could quickly adjust formulas to make vaccines more effective against variants.

Their comments came in response to an article in Newsweek Magazine which maintained that the Delta variant has destroyed confidence that vaccines would help the pandemic wind down.

The article read that the odds were not high that they would see such a triple threat, but experts couldn’t rule it out.

The Newsweek Magazine article seems to draw several conclusions, including that the pandemic will continue to get more serious and may stick around forevermore while continuing to mutate.

Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist warned that the next variant could be Delta on steroids.

These vaccines don’t offer immunity, they offer dependence, and a very good cash cow game plan, dependent on them for life means unlimited money for pharmaceutical companies.

Of course, no vaccine offers 100 per cent immunity against future strains, and some vaccines such as the flu vaccine are updated yearly to fight newly emerged strains but welcome to pharma drugs because curing people doesn’t make money, but keeping them on the pill or vaccine treadmill does, and big pharma is almost like a legal drug cartel.

There have been many people that have become pretty unwell after having the COVID vaccine, but there have been many people who had no side effects at all – ‘Just because something comes in a syringe, doesn’t mean it’s a vaccine.’

And to put the figures into perspective, there are 7.888 billion people on the planet, and only 4.4 million have died, but that number has been massively inflated, so no one really knows how many have died because there are numerous countries that don’t collect proper data.

Soon they’ll have a shot for every variant going, the Lambada variant and soon to appear will be the Shama-lama ding dong variant, so line up schmucks and roll up your sleeves.

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