New York Air Force Veteran And Her Young Daughter Are Living Out Of Her Car

A landlord in upstate New York has been forced to live out of her car after the tenants of her three properties refused to pay rent for almost a year, while she’s powerless to evict them due to the state and federal moratoriums.

Brandie LaCasse, who’s owed more than $23,000 in uncollected rent from her three properties, hasn’t received rental assistance funds from the government after at least one of her tenants were approved for rental help.

Brandie LaCasse, an Air Force veteran, has been left effectively homeless without the income to support herself and her daughter. The single mother and her daughter have been living out of her car or staying with friends.

She said that she’s cried many nights, thinking, where’s my money, and she added that she didn’t understand how they could give her private property to somebody to live for free, and that she’d purchased that property, and fixed it up with her own blood, sweat and tears.

She said that she invested in the properties, never believing she would never have a place to live and that she just wanted her house, that’s it.

Brandie LaCasse claimed she’d notified her tenants that they needed to move out that she could move in when they chose to quit paying her rent.

Her tenant Carla McArthur, who was approved for rental support, expressed her sympathies for the landlord’s position but told CBS News that she can’t pay rent because of the huge costs for childcare for her daughter and autistic son.

Carla McArthur said that she felt bad that she hadn’t been able to pay Brandie LaCasse, and but they’d gone from two incomes, that she had COVID 19 twice, and that all her children have had it once, and that her husband had it once, and that they’d all been hit by the virus.

Carla McArthur said she worries that Brandie LaCasse will kick her family to the curb when the moratorium has been lifted, leaving them homeless in the process.

Brandie LaCasse’s situation mirrors the current situation for numerous landlords across the country, as the US Treasury Department has noted that almost 90 per cent of rental assistance funds have not been distributed.

New York has only doled out about 8 per cent of the $2.6 billion federally designated for rental assistance to landlords.

The ultimate goal is collectivism, communalism, and the seizure of private property, and the reality is that its radical communism that enables oppression and creates poverty to the masses, and this is terrifying.

Imagine owning three properties and then being homeless because someone else fears they will end up homeless, also knowing that this woman also has a child.

Couldn’t they just come to some agreement whereby they all live in the house, that way nobody is homeless? Otherwise, this becomes evil because numerous families depend on rental revenue, and America’s founding forefathers must be spinning in their graves.

There are many landlords in America, but some renters don’t bother to pay their rent, but the landlord still has to pay all the expenses and can’t remove them.

There is government assistance for tenants to pay their rent but many don’t even bother applying because it’s simply too much trouble and not deserving of their time, since they’re living there rent-free anyhow, and it seems that America is all about compensating freeloaders and cheaters and punishing the hard-working.

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