World’s Most Northerly Island Is Discovered By Accident

A team of Arctic researchers believe they’ve stumbled across the world’s most northerly island.

The Danish scientists had been intending to travel to Oodaaq, which lies off the northern coast of Greenland, and previously held the title of the northernmost island, but instead, they wound up on an obscure piece of land even further north and realised only when island enthusiasts pointed it out to them on social media.

Expedition leader Morten Rasch, from the University of Copenhagen, said that they were convinced that the island they were standing on was Oodaaq, which until then was listed as the world’s northernmost island.

However, when photos were posted of the island and its coordinates on social media, several American island hunters went crazy and said that it couldn’t be true.

The island, which may have been formed after a major storm, is half a mile north of Oodaaq and consists essentially of small mounds of silt and gravel.

The university said that it measures just 100 feet by 200 feet and rises to 13 feet above sea level.

The team hope to call it Qeqertaq Avannarleq – Greenlandic for ‘the northernmost island.’ And they added that the island may disappear when another storm hits.

I just hope they leave it alone because it seems that whatever is found, humans have got to take it over.

And apparently, a new island has been identified in the Antarctic, which is deemed to be melting, and sea levels increasing, with land being submerged as a result – I wonder how that works. But it’s okay, a new island has been discovered, so all is good. Better be careful though because someone will have their eye on it – perhaps it will become Santas new base station!

But of course, this discovery was brought to us by global warming.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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