Ambulances Are Delayed In Low-Traffic Neighbourhoods

The ambulance chief said that ambulances can be delayed in low traffic neighbourhoods because paramedics are unaware of road changes, and London Ambulance Service chief Garrett Emmerson said some paramedics were caught out when the roads were changed very quickly during the lockdown.

It was announced earlier this year that in eight months, ambulance crews in London encountered more than 150 instances of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs).

And Garratt Emmerson told LBC radio that the LTNs were not recorded on SatNavs, which meant crews were obstructed in areas they didn’t know.

He said that it’s fine if you know the area, but that their crews work all over London, but when going into an area of London that they know less well, and having to rely on satellite navigation that’s not up to date, that’s when a lot of problems occur.

And during lockdown last year, LTNs were used to redirect traffic away from residential neighbourhoods, and a government official insisted that 200 LTNs created in the United Kingdom during the pandemic had gained more support than criticism.

However, the measure, which has involved installing cycle lanes, blocking off roads to through traffic and widening pavements, have proven unpopular amongst motorists, especially commuters and taxi drivers in London.

The neighbourhoods were generally touted to obstruct emergency service vehicles, with video footage emerging, showing fire engines halted and crews forced to run to the location.

Garrett Emmerson said he couldn’t say the delays caused by the LTNs cost lives, but he said the speed with which they were built was a significant problem, and he added, have they delayed responses? Yes, in certain situations he believed they’d delayed certain responses because they had to be put in very quickly.

According to data revealed in May by a Freedom of Information request, some 159 delays to 999 calls were flagged by paramedics in the eight months to February this year, and according to the government’s analysis of more than 100,000 emergency callouts, since they were implemented, the zones didn’t improve response times.

In March a controversial London cycleway blocked three emergency services vehicles in just 24 hours.

A blue-lit fire engine was halted, a police car’s driver was forced to turn around and an ambulance had to weave between traffic after congestion built up on Chiswick High Road, west London.

And video footage taken from a flat overlooking a busy road, which features Cycleway 9, showed emergency services struggling to get past slow-moving vehicles and buses in three separate incidents.

You would have thought an intelligent council would have tested the impact of these things before introducing them to see if they did have an impact, and they had no right to do this without notifying the public first. After all, we do pay our taxes towards this sort of thing, so therefore councils are supposed to work for us. Of course, they’ll tell you it’s temporary, but then, of course, it’s not.

But of course, this is the plan. If you cause more congestion, then you cause more pollution and more pollution equals more tax and a reason to go green – they’re not as simple-minded as they appear, and we should never underestimate them.

They were designed to make it more difficult for road users, nothing more. Part of the dribbling stupidity of the fake green agenda, and they lie, as they always do, and we should believe nothing that comes out of government, local or national, except tax hikes, believe that!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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