A Variant Of ‘Mu’ Has Been Identified In Every State In The US Excluding Nebraska

The ‘Mu’ variant of COVID 19 which scientists fear could be more transmissible than Delta, has now been discovered in all US states except for Nebraska.

Florida and California have reported 384 variant cases, the highest numbers amongst the 49 infected US states.

Los Angeles County reported close to half of the California cases with 167.

The new cases, however, only reflect 0.2 per cent of total variant samples from the state of California between June and August.

Alaska previously had the greatest number of ‘Mu’ variant cases with 146. That represented four per cent of all cases recorded in the isolated state.

According to Newsweek, other US states have also shared their ‘Mu’ numbers, with 42 in Maine, 73 in Connecticut and 39 in Hawaii.

The ‘Mu’ variant, which was identified in Columbia in January, has spread to 41 different countries including the United States and is also feared to possibly be vaccine-resistant.

The variant became of interest due to its potential to become more transmissible and vaccine-resistant as discovered by the World Health Organisation on August 30. However, the CDC hasn’t shared this analysis.

Director of LA County Public Health Barbara Ferrer said in a statement that the identification of variants like ‘Mu’, and the spreading of variants across the globe, highlights the need for LA County residents to continue to take steps to protect themselves and others.

She said that this was what makes getting vaccinated and layering protections so necessary, and these were the things that broke the chain of transmission and limited COVID 19 proliferation that allows for the virus to mutate into something that could be more serious.

Dr Anthony Fauci also commented on the ‘Mu’ variant insisting that it wouldn’t be the next dominant COVID strain. He said that even though it hasn’t in essence taken a grip to any extent, they always pay heed at all times to variants and that they don’t consider it an immediate threat right now.

However, the variant has been described by Dr Anthony Fauci as a constellation of mutations that suggest that it would evade certain antibodies, not only monoclonal antibodies but vaccine and convalescent serum-induced antibodies.

The peak of ‘Mu’ variant cases was present in mid-July and have been fading since. However, the concern is that the variant will increase again in the future.

Are these vaccines going to win the war on COVID, well we don’t really know, so perhaps they should be concentrating on developing medications to treat those who get dangerously sick?

And it appears that we are getting all kinds of variants, one after the other. Is this a coincidence, or part of a plan?

These vaccines are increasingly required just so that we can have some kind of normal life, and if we don’t, then we can’t participate in normal life. It does seem like some form of control.

But even worse than the Delta variant, which is even worse than COVID 19, which is even worse than anything we have ever seen before, is the media variant.

The ‘Mu’ variant might still be somewhat obscure, and it is wrong to characterise it as the boogie man, but we should still be informed of the possible perils that are out there.

Of course, the virus is going to mutate, and the more it mutates, the more it will struggle to survive, and the weaker it gets, so hopefully, the worst is over.

But in another couple of months they will come up with another kind of variant, and they keep saying they know how to get rid of it, but the past 18 months demonstrates that they don’t have the foggiest.

Let’s take a look back. First, it was quarantining that would prevent the spread, so they closed down every business and told people to stay inside for two weeks. Then came the masks, and they said that the masks would help to end COVID, but after six months of mask mandates, COVID infections still grew sky high.

Then it was the vaccine. The vaccine would definitely stop COVID they said, but here we are and COVID is still here to stay. And it doesn’t seem like it will ever go away, it will be like the flu for the rest of our lives.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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