A Professor At Portland State University Resigns

A Portland State University professor has resigned in a scathing public letter in which he slammed the university for not allowing any kind of thinking that doesn’t suit its liberal agenda, calling it a social justice factory that drives intolerance of divergent beliefs.

Peter Boghossian was a full-time assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State University for ten years until his resignation letter was published on Wednesday.

He shared the letter with Bari Weiss, a former New York Times columnist who quit her role at the paper after claiming to encounter the same refusal to consider non-liberal views that Peter Boghossian describes at PSU.

Peter Boghossian said college staff were abdicating their truth-seeking mission and instead, driving intolerance of divergent beliefs by crushing any view that wasn’t liberal.

He wrote that students at Portland State were not being taught to think. Rather, they’re being taught to imitate the moral certainty of ideologies.

Peter Boghossian previously wrote several hoax papers and presented them to academic journals to prove that they would print anything that went along with their ideals, even if the theories in them were fraudulent.

They included papers on dog rape and an adaption to Hitler’s Mein Kampf. The left responded badly to it, saying he’d wasted the editor’s time.

Peter Boghossian says he was harassed on campus with swastikas scrawled on bathroom walls with his name next to them, solely because he’d challenged the university’s ideas.

He maintains that at one time flyers went around the campus depicting him with a Pinocchio nose, that he was spat on and that co-workers told students not to take his class.

In a statement to a newspaper outlet, a spokesperson for the university said that Portland State had always been and would continue to be a welcoming place for free speech and academic freedom.

The spokesperson said that they believed that those practices weren’t in conflict with their core institutional values of students success, racial inequality and impartiality, and proactive engagement with their community.

And it was said that as with all personnel matters, they have no comment on Dr Boghossian’s statement of resignation, and those who asked for proof to justify new institutional policies were accused of microaggressions and that professors were accused of bigotry for assigning canonical texts penned by philosophers who happened to have been European or male.

Sadly, this world is fading fast, and it’s becoming unrecognisable, and we’re in a particularly dangerous place in history, and I’m not sure we can come back from this, and we need more people like Peter Boghossian because at least he did speak up.

Unfortunately, most people have no concept of what’s happening, especially when they have their faces stuck in their cell phones.

Students are now taught to think, but not taught what to think, and the emerging generation are losing their crucial skills.

Having great conversations with someone of a different thought and ideas was fabulous, it opened your mind and you learnt to have a little patience, and sociology, philosophy and psychology classes were some of the best in regards to open debates, sadly, it seems that free thinking is no longer allowed.

Critical thinking is a necessary skill, sadly, the youth of today have probably never heard of the term, and Dr Boghossian might have quit, however, the dangerous ones stay.

I have every respect for this man, putting his principles first because he realises that, outside the woke education system, the vast preponderance of people are as much against wokism as he is, the trouble is, nobody wants to say they have an opinion on it.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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