Afghanistan Soldier Beheaded By The Taliban In Chilling Video

Taliban fighters beheaded an Afghan soldier before singing as they held the severed head of the victim aloft by his hair, then shared chilling footage of the execution in a chat forum.

The video, obtained by the Washington Examiner, was reportedly shared on a private Taliban chat room but it’s not clear when it was recorded.

In the 30 second clip, the group of Taliban fighters could be heard singing ‘Mujahideen’ as they paraded the man’s head around.

Six of the men were holding rifles and another was clutching onto two bloodied knives.

It’s thought the man on the ground was an Afghan soldier due to the colour of his dark green uniform, similar to that given to the national army by the US.

The man carrying the knives set them in the air as they proceeded to sing Mujahideen, an Arabic term that refers to Muslims who fight on behalf of the faith of the Muslim community.

They then begin yelling praise for the Taliban’s supreme leader Hibatullah Akhundzada.

The video concludes with the group saying they must shoot the Afghan soldiers because ‘he has to look shot.’

The footage surfaced just days after Taliban protesters executed the brother of one of the Afghan resistance fighter’s leaders.

The man was the brother of Amrullah Saleh, the former Afghan vice president who became one of the leaders of anti-Taliban opposition forces in the Panjshir Valley.

The news that Saleh’s brother Rohullah Azizi was killed came days after Taliban forces took charge of the provincial centre of Panjshir, the last region holding out against them after they took control of the rest of Afghanistan last month.

Saleh told Reuters in a text that they killed him and wouldn’t let them bury him, and that they kept saying that his body should rot.

The Urdu language account of the Taliban information service Alemarah said that according to reports Rohullah Saleh was killed during combat in Panjshir.

Saleh, a former head of the National Directorate of Security, the intelligence service of the Western-backed government that collapsed last month, is at large, although his precise location remains unclear.

The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, which groups opposition forces loyal to local leader Ahmad Massoud, has promised to continue opposing the Taliban even after the fall of Panjshir’s provincial capital Bazarak.

You can only describe these people as barbarians who have no value in human life, and it’s shocking to think that so many allied soldiers were killed, maimed, or mentally traumatised just in the name of barbarianism.

So, it’s back to the Middle Ages the Afghans go, who were given a glimpse of normal life, only to have it snatched away virtually overnight. They have lost all humanity, or what little humanity they might have had.

This is barbaric, and what hope is there for the females living under these brutal dictators?

Islam isn’t at war with the West, it’s at war with the entire world, and it wants to force its sick way of life on the world and believes in the worldwide return of the caliphate.

This is, of course, utterly shocking behaviour, but not shocking at all, if you consider that this behaviour is perfectly normal to them and their barbaric ways.

This is a country of powerful monsters, who simply enjoy butchering people they despise, and they just don’t have any purpose, and they will never change because a leopard doesn’t change its spots, and they won’t change either because they’re just like animals.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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