‘If Donald Trump Runs, She Will Be right There’: Melania Will Be By His Side

According to advisers and figures close to the couple, Melania Trump will be at her husband’s side if former President Donald Trump chooses to run for another term in the White House, but they hit back at a recent report that Melania was hell-bent on evading another four years as the first lady.

A regular visitor at Trump’s Florida club said that if you see them together at Mar-a-Lago you know they’re in this together and that all the stories about them leading separate lives was nonsense.

Donald Trump has dropped numerous suggestions that he’s planning a 2024 run but aides say he’s unlikely to make a formal statement until after next year’s midterm elections, which leaves political pundits speculating about his intentions, and those of his wife.

Insiders told CNN that the former model was content being the mother of her 15-year-old son Barron and had zero desire to return to the White House, but allies reacted by insisting the report was incorrect.

Donald Trump is soon expected to travel south from his New Jersey golf club to take residence at Mar-a-Lago for the winter.

The former first lady is now in Florida, where son Barron has started school at the elite Oxbridge Academy, and a person close to Donald Trump said that the only thing that Donald cares about these days is golf and Melania and that if she doesn’t want to run with him, then it’s going to be like pushing a large rock up a hill, and he said that he didn’t believe that politics was her thing – she doesn’t like the game.

The former first lady cut a private figure during her time at the White House, and she’s only been spotted once this summer, while leaving Trump Tower in Manhattan in early July with Barron.

During the 2016 campaign, Melania frequently declined to appear at events, and a political operative who served on Donald Trump’s team in the early days told CNN that they finally just stopped asking altogether, and that has led many to assume that she wants out of political life altogether.

The person said that being the first lady again wasn’t what she wanted and that for her it was a chapter in her life and that it’s now over and that’s that.

Melania is a mature woman, and she could have left Donald Trump at any given time, and she made her bed when she married him, and she obviously felt that the trade-off was worth it, after all, she’s still there by his side.

And if Donald Trump ran for president now, it would probably be a landslide vote for him after the mess that Joe Biden is making. Although Mickey Mouse would probably be better than Joe Biden, although that doesn’t say a lot for Donald Trump.

Of course, Donald Trump is a self-absorbed fool, but I worry that the people would roll over and vote for him just to get rid of Joe Biden. But we’re always faced between a rock and a hard place when it comes to presidential elections, and nobody really knows who they should vote for.

Long before Donald Trump lost the presidential election to Joe Biden, rumours eddied about Donald Trump’s marriage to Melania.

The probability is that they will stay together, and I would be shocked if they did formally separate or divorce.

Melania grew up in a pseudo communist difficult life, and when she married, she wanted security, romantic stability, financial security and through it all, it’s the one thing standing in their marriage, but it seems that the marriage has been nothing more than transactional.

Donald Trump got his arm candy when he married Melania, and she was a young model who was striving but didn’t yet have success, but she certainly does now, and Melania is one of the few people who hasn’t abandoned Donald Trump – not yet, anyhow.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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