Mother Studied Black Magic After Quitting Her Architect Career

An architect who left her job to take up black magic was discovered dead with her one-year-old daughter after a ritual killing.

The naked body of Elizaveta Tsarevskaya, 32, was discovered with her daughter and a slaughtered cat in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don.

Next to the bodies were images of her the architect’s ex-lover smeared with blood, with the eyes stabbed at.

A police source said that after opening the apartment, even trained law enforcement officers were horrified. Bloodied things, objects of magic rituals were spread throughout, and that the woman’s body was on her dead daughter – for some reason, the mother was naked, and a further victim was discovered – a cat.

All had stab wounds, thought to have been perpetrated by the woman, called a witch by local media.

Her husband Artur Rusin, 26, said she’d graduated with honours as a top architecture student, and was also a gifted clothes designer, but that she’d become fixated with the occult and tried to communicate with the dead.

And that when he went away to work, she became pregnant by a lover called Anton, who was also into black magic, and according to reports she gave birth to her lover’s child who her husband initially raised as his own.

Law enforcement said that her flat doors were secured from the inside and it’s believed she killed her daughter and the cat before taking her own life in a ritual killing. Her lover has not been found.

This was one severely broken mental patient, and her child paid the price, as did the poor cat.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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