An Australian Business Owner Bans Vaccinated Patrons From His Store

The proprietor of Gigantic Signs has forbidden customers who have received the vaccine from entering his store.

Peter King put a sign in the storefront window of Gigantic Signs on King William Street in Kent Town, Adelaide. The warning letter was written in bright red letters telling vaccinated residents they were no longer welcome. The sign read that they shouldn’t enter if they’d been COVID 19 vaxxed.

But the warning has sparked outrage in the community with residents labelling it unfair, but a legal expert has warned that the storekeeper hasn’t violated the law.

University of South Australia emeritus professor Rick Sarre said no discrimination laws around vaccination status had been made, and he told 7 News that they can do whatever they like in terms of discrimination law because there are no grounds of discrimination based on vaccination status.

Peter King, the director of Gigantic Signs, said Australia’s vaccination drive was equal to murder, and he told that he was simply making a statement.

He said that they have there in Adelaide a company that said they didn’t want to have any people going to their winery that wasn’t vaxxed and that he believed it was grossly unfair and intimidating.

Outraged customers have vowed to boycott the business with many expressing their frustration on social media, and one person wrote that they would say that Gigantic Signs had made a gigantic mistake by displaying a not gigantic sign on the front door and that they shouldn’t carry on and ask for help when the business takes a gigantic nose dive.

Another person added that they promised not to enter their establishment, ever, and that they wouldn’t darken their door with their patronage and that it boiled down to choices and consequences.

The storekeeper refused to comment further when contacted by a newspaper outlet.

The sign adds to a growing debate over the power of businesses to refuse service to unvaccinated customers.

NSW and Victoria plan to roll out a vaccine passport allowing the double jabbed to return to hospitality venues and retail stores when the states start to open at 70 per cent vaccination.

Unvaccinated residents have been told they will be unable to experience the same freedoms as their vaccinated counterparts.

Of course, this isn’t a sound business move banning the majority, but each to their own, and it appears that now you can discriminate against whoever you like, and with the uptake expected of 80 per cent of vaccinations, I would think that this business just shot itself in the foot. It’s a little like Homer Simpson and his shop selling items only for left-handed people, but when you only cater for 20 per cent of the market, you end up having no business.

Turning away people whether they are jabbed or not is a bad thing, and it’s medical apartheid and absolute discrimination, and whatever side of the fence you sit on, can’t you see this drivel for what it is?

No one should know your health status, least of all a business because you’re entering to spend your hard-earned cash and helping the economy to flourish.

It’s just as absurd as banning unvaccinated people and everyone should have free will, and it really wouldn’t make any sense to ban vaccinated customers, people could simply lie anyhow, and it seems that this is simply an advertising stunt because you can’t prove you haven’t been vaccinated, only that you have.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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