A Bus Driver Punches A Stunned Motorist

This is the shocking moment a London bus driver swings a punch at another driver in a road rage argument after the man’s car door is ripped off its hinges.

In the video shared last Wednesday, the motorist confronts the motorist of the No 56 bus, which runs between Whipps Cross and St Bartholomew’s Hospital, after the bus tore the door off his parked van on the busy road.

However, when the driver approaches him, the bus driver appears to furiously launch a punch at him, and the woman recording the incident could be heard saying: ‘Look what he’s just done – the bus driver.’

A man in a grey hoodie, who appeared to be the owner of the damaged van, boards the bus to brave the bus driver.

At this point, the bus driver gets out of his booth on the bus and swings a punch at the man, pushing him backwards and off the bus.

Bystanders who witnessed the incident raced to the man’s defence and scolded the No 59 bus driver for allegedly colliding with the van and ripping off its door.

One man can be observed pointing at the bus driver and furiously yelling: ‘You! I saw what happened. You’re f****d.’

The bus driver tries to justify taking the man’s car door off its hinges shouting that he told him three times to move.

A frenzied road argument ensues between the bus driver and the other motorist as the incident brings the traffic on the road to a halt, as other motorists waiting to use the road could be heard sounding their horns to encourage the drivers to move on.

Transport for London has been contacted for comment.

The driver is at fault for opening his door in front of the bus. However, that didn’t entitle the bus driver to strike the driver. It’s irrelevant whose fault it was, you just don’t go around hitting people.

After all, in the good words of Michael Caine “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”

And the bus driver was clearly an aggressive and violent guy, and even though the bus driver was perfectly entitled to make sure his passengers were safe, he didn’t have to do that by punching the guy off the bus.

Perhaps London Transport needs to do more to protect their bus drivers because they do get a lot of abuse and threatening behaviour that they have to deal with, which shouldn’t have to be tolerated, but sad to say that it’s a reality now.

Buses are covered in cameras, so I’m sure who was to blame for the door and the violent behaviour will be evident once the footage has been viewed.

Buses are covered in cameras, so I’m sure that whoever was to blame for the door and the violent behaviour will be visible once the footage has been viewed.

You can’t judge an event unless you’ve seen the entire thing, not in the last few seconds anyhow. Did the van driver throw the door open in the path of the bus? Or did he leave it open, and if so, why? Was the van driver initially being aggressive or did the bus driver strike the first blow without provocation? We don’t know.

All they had to do was exchange their details, job done. What is wrong with people? Has everyone been contaminated with a rage virus? And it’s getting more violent on the streets every day.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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