Outside The White House, Alyssa Milano Is Arrested

Alyssa Milano was one of more than 20 demonstrators arrested outside the White House on Tuesday afternoon as they demanded the federal government protect voting rights.

Photos from the demonstration, organised by the progressive group People for the America Way shows the 48-year-old actress leading a march to the White House before being arrested by US Park Police for refusing to clear the area.

She held up her arm in protest as she was escorted away, and shared regular Twitter updates on being taken into custody. Although it was unclear if Alyssa Milano herself was posting the updates, or if someone else was sharing social media posts on her behalf, and no updates have been given on whether she remains in jail, or if she’s been released.

The activist actress later confirmed her arrest on Twitter, writing that she was just arrested for demanding the Biden Administration and the Senate use their mandate to protect voting rights.

‘Stand with me and @PeopleFor and tell the Senate and White House that voting rights shouldn’t depend on where you live #DontMuteOurVote.’

According to the Deadline, she was one of more than 20 activists arrested at the demonstration, after a US Park Police officer warned them that they risked arrest under a Washington DC misdemeanour law that prohibits crowding or obstructing streets or sidewalks.

The demonstration came one day before the Senate was set to decide whether to move forward with the Freedom to Vote Act, which would make it easier to register to vote, establishing a 15-day minimum early voting window, making Election Day a federal holiday.

It would also require that states provide same-day voter registration at all polling stations by 2024, and make a variety of cards and documents valid for in-person voting identification.

The push for the legislation comes after Senate Democrats blocked the For the People Act in June, and are once again threatening to filibuster the bill.

Ben Jealous, the current president of the progressive group said in a message on Twitter before he, too, was arrested that they came back to the White House to deliver a clear message to President Biden, that they need actions that match the urgency of his words on voting rights, and time was running out.

And he said that the Freedom to Vote Act had to pass now if they were going back to protect voting rights in the next election for them all, for black voters and brown voters, for women, for younger voters, voters with disabilities and working people of all backgrounds.

Someone needs to tell Alyssa Milano that women got voting rights in 1920, perhaps she’s a tad confused. Maybe she should have used her magic charm on them. Oh, but she’s such a rebel, and I can’t wait to hear about her endless complaining of poor treatment on social media now and for the rest of her life.

She’s a nobody with a failed acting career desperately striving for relevance by morphing into an activist, with nothing else to do with her unfulfilling life.

Every legal American citizen has the right to vote, so I fail to understand what they’re so enraged about, but if you make it where the votes can’t be traced, like mail-in voting and no ID requirements, then they’re stealing the votes of actual citizens, and that’s the dilemma.

People have been using mail-in voting for years, and it’s a great option for seniors and others who have difficulty getting out of the home, but of course, you can’t actually see your signature on the ballot itself, and there’s no other way to prove that the ballot was yours.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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