A Neighbour Brought Food To Starving Siblings, 7, 10, and 15, and Charged Their Cellphones After The Power Went Out

The three abandoned children who were discovered marooned in filthy conditions in a Houston home alongside the skeletal remains of their nine-year-old brother who’d been dead for more than a year managed to survive thanks to a helpful neighbour.

The children’s mum and her boyfriend were interviewed and released by law enforcement officials, and child welfare services in Texas have also started an investigation.

According to law enforcement officials, the mother and her boyfriend left the children alone for numerous months. Occasionally, the mother would return to bring the kids food.

The three children were taken to a hospital for treatment and a post-mortem is being carried out on the fourth child to determine the cause of mortality.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Department told a news outlet that an unidentified Good Samaritan who lived in a nearby apartment complex in Houston brought the three children food and charged their phones after the electricity was cut in their house.

However, it’s not clear why she didn’t report the neglected children to the police or child protective services, and a fellow resident said that if the person was bringing them food to eat, they must have seen that child.

Law enforcement officials said that the neighbour was helping the three children, ages 7, 10, and 15, for at least the last two weeks, and according to investigators, the 15-year-old said that the parents hadn’t been living at the home for weeks, effectively abandoning the children to be on their own.

KPRC-TV reported that when the police arrived at the home, they discovered the brother’s skeletal remains out in the open and that the two younger boys appeared to be malnourished and according to law enforcement officials showed signs of physical harm.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez told reporters that it appeared that they had been fending for each other and that the older sibling was doing the best he could to take care of the others.

In an update, Gonzalez announced that the children’s mother and her boyfriend had been found and questioned by homicide detectives.

The sheriff stated that the couple had been released without being arrested or charged with any wrongdoing, and no explanation was given for the decision to let the pair go at the time.

You have to feel sorry for the poor children, and I guess that we really do live with monsters around us, and the scary thing is sometimes you don’t even know who they are until it’s too late.

Some parents never seem to care about their children, and not enough gets reported to the police.

How these children will ever recover from this kind of treatment is beyond me, and so many people are bitter and divided, with poverty increasing from all the economic statistics, despite the increasing wealth, which means that the US is turning into the very thing that their founding fathers didn’t want, and how is this happening in today’s world – is no one paying attention?

And the two burning questions that I’m sure everyone has on their mind, is why were the mother and boyfriend released?

It clearly stated that the mother would periodically bring food to the children, so she was aware of the conditions, and secondly, why did the neighbours fail these children? It was kind of the neighbour to take these children food, but why did she not contact the police?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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