Twitter Suspends Newsmax White House Correspondent

A Newsmax White House Correspondent has been barred from Twitter after declaring COVID 19 vaccines contained Luciferase that enables people to be tracked and then guided her followers to the New Testament to see how it ends.

Emerald Robinson maintained on Tuesday in a recently taken down tweet that the vaccines contained a bioluminescent marker called Luciferase so that you can be tracked.

She retweeted a post by user Limitless Boundaries that claimed the Moderna vaccine contained the marker.

According to Forbes, despite its misleading moniker, Luciferase has nothing to do with the biblical devil. It’s a bioluminescence marker that’s in a class of enzymes that can produce light in a chemical reaction.

According to the CDC, the marker isn’t an ingredient listed in the Moderna vaccine and has never been.

According to Reuters, the marker was used in COVID 19 research back in the summer of 2020 but has never been an ingredient in any of the available vaccines.

Emerald Robinson also called on her fellow Christians’ to read the last book of the New Testament to how it concludes.

The Book of Revelations showed the prophet John visions of the apocalypse and how it destroyed the world.

She didn’t refer to which of the 21 chapters she was relating to.

Following the questionable tweet, Newsmax announced a statement distancing the organisation away from Emerald Robinson’s misleading assertions.

Executive vice president and chief content officer at Newsmax Elliot Jacobson said in a statement that the company was a strong proponent that COVID 19 vaccines were overarchingly safe and effective.

He maintained that they’ve seen no proof to suggest Luciferase or Luciferin was present in any vaccines or they’re used as any sort of bioluminescent marker.

In a separate statement to Hill, Elliot Jacobson reemphasised that the company didn’t believe the vaccines contained any toxic substances or tracking markers.

Emerald Robinson has posted several questionable tweets in the past regarding vaccines and that it doesn’t work as advertised.

Last week, the Newsmax correspondent tweeted that there was ample clinical proof that the new vaccines didn’t work as advertised, and that it was the biggest story around the world and it was being suppressed.

Twitter marked the tweet as misleading and linked to a string of CDC and WHO posts on the website to learn more about how the COVID 19 vaccines work. The social media giant also disabled all interactions with the post, excluding retweets.

Quite honestly, this tracking ploy is what they want people like Emerald Robinson, and people like her to talk about to make them sound a little cuckoo and not really with it, but she might actually be onto something because perhaps these people have motives, not just to track us, but to limit reproduction, even if it does take a few generations before people start seeing the full impact.

Everyone with a brain cell can figure out that the universe is running out of resources and the future means that there will be mass hunger and the end of both the human race and the environment, and they have Bill Gates talking about population control, depopulation, vaccines and tracking, yet we accuse people of being conspiracy theorists with tin foil hats.

People should be free to voice their views no matter how wacko they are, but social media only allows those that fall in line with them, and all those self-righteous commenters that act like someone’s deranged if they say anything, they criticise but don’t want to research what’s going on, and this might be our downfall if humanity goes on trusting people like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, and big pharma is out there to make lots and lots of money.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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