A Naked Man, 39, Is Rescued After Being Trapped Inside A Wall

According to local authorities, a naked man was rescued by firefighters after being trapped inside the walls of a historic theatre in Upstate New York for days.

Syracuse Fire Deputy Chief John Kane told a newspaper out that the Syracuse Fire Department got a call just after 7.30 am of a person trapped inside the walls of the Landmark Theatre after an employee at the performing arts centre heard a man screaming for help.

Authorities think that the 39-year-old man, who wasn’t named, had gained entry to the theatre Tuesday or Wednesday.

The department was forced to drill a hole into the theatre wall to make space for a tiny fibre optic camera, which was used to determine the man’s precise location and how best to free him.

After locating the naked man with the camera, a rescue team were finally able to rescue him after painstakingly cutting through numerous layers of drywall and structural clay tile.

Mike Intaglietta, the theatre’s executive director, told a newspaper outlet that the gentleman had been seen roaming around the building earlier in the week, with employees saying they thought he’d left the building after losing track of him.

He said that he didn’t know if he’d entered the building to keep warm or to use the bathroom, but that the man had found his way into a crawl space in the building, where he hid for two days before falling into a wall in the men’s restroom where he became trapped.

According to the police, officials found the naked man, and then he was transported to Upstate University Hospital for evaluation, although the man didn’t seem to have any injuries, he would have likely been dehydrated after days with no food or water.

The police said that no criminal charges have been filed against the man as of yet.

The man was probably homeless and trying to find shelter during the cold nights, but of course, not the best way to break into show biz.

I bet emergency services live for days like this!

But I can’t help but wonder, with all these abandoned buildings around and homeless people looking for bolt holes that they think are safe, how many other homeless people have never been found. This gentleman was lucky because he was heard screaming, but it could have been a whole different story and he might have never been found alive, but then there’s no business like show business!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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