Shamima Begum’s Husband Refuses To Condemn Beheadings Or The Use Of Sex Slaves

Shamima Begum’s jihadi husband has refused to condemn ISIS beheadings or the use of sex slaves and said he still hopes to see a caliphate established.

Speaking in an interview from a detention centre in northern Syria, Yago Riedijk, 29, described the couple’s beautiful past life under the extremist group, and he said that ISIS-claimed attacks on the West were not Islamicly responsible because they involved slaughtering innocent people which is forbidden in Islam but declined to denounce the group’s onslaught against Yazidis, who were sold as sex slaves, and other Muslims.

Yago Riedijk also stayed silent on ISIS beheadings, saying that he couldn’t comment when pushed to condemn the extremist group’s harsh punishments.

The 29-year-old later said he didn’t think ISIS was finished and he said he still hoped to see a caliphate that adheres to Islamic laws installed, and he smiled as he talked about married life with Shamima in the caliphate and described wonderful thoughts of baking cakes as a family.

The Dutch radical wedded Shamima Begum days after she arrived in Syria from East London, aged 15, in 2015 and the couple had three children together, all of whom have died.

Shamima Begum is being contained in the Kurdish run refugee camp al-Roj in northern Syria amid an ongoing battle to return to the United Kingdom after she was stripped of her citizenship in February 2019.

Riedijk is being held in a detention centre in the same region.

He was convicted in a Netherlands court in 2018 for joining the extremist group and will face a six-year prison term if he ever tries to return to Europe.

Speaking to Alan Duncan, a former Scots soldier who’s making a documentary on ISIS, Riedijk said he didn’t agree with ISIS-claimed terror attacks on Germany, France and the United Kingdom because they involved killing innocent people.

He said that he didn’t agree with those attacks for several reasons. The prohibition of killing innocent people in Islam, women and children, and he said that he saw those attacks as not being Islamicly responsible.

However, when asked about attacks on other Muslims and Yazidis, who were sold to ISIS fighters as sex slaves, Riedijk shook his head and said no comment.

More than 2,800 Yazidi women and children are still missing and are believed to be held by ISIS.

To be fair, Riedijk is in the right place, just leave him there and why is he being questioned at all? And I wonder how much he got paid for the interview?

And the fact that Shamima Begum is still associated with Riedijk, adds further weight as to why she should never be allowed back into the United Kingdom.

We shouldn’t be accepting people with these beliefs because before you know it we will have the same thing happening on our streets and this sort of behaviour belongs in the past, not the future.

If they feel that they want to live in the past then they would be better staying in their country, not coming to ours because we’re a nation that won’t accept this kind of behaviour, and they should be banned from western countries, and why are we even giving them air time and headline news?

Shamima Begun has a husband, so she needs to stay where she is to support him under the laws she was so happy to go, so long as she’s not bringing those laws to the United Kingdom and just that alone should have put an end to her expectations of returning to the United Kingdom, but it won’t.

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