Mafia-Linked Union Boss Jimmy Hoffa Under Investigation

FBI agents have searched a former landfill site in New Jersey in the hope of finding the final resting place of union boss Jimmy Hoffa, whose 1975 disappearance was told in Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-nominated film The Irishman.

Jimmy Hoffa was born in Indiana but lived in the Detroit region since he was a boy and had a cottage on Lake Orion, 40 miles north of downtown Detroit.

On July 30, 1975, he told his wife Josephine that he would be back at 4 pm to cook steaks for dinner, and headed out for a meeting at the Machus Red Fox restaurant 20 miles away, in Bloomfield township.

He called Josephine several hours later, annoyed that he’d been stood up. He was never seen again and his green Pontiac Grand Ville was discovered in the parking lot of the restaurant the next day.

For nearly 50 years police have been trying to discover where Jimmy Hoffa, who was declared dead in 1982, was buried.

On Thursday it emerged that the FBI in October unearthed a site in New Jersey, 650 miles from where he was last seen.

Special Agent Mara R Schneider, a spokeswoman said that FBI personnel from the Newark and Detroit field offices completed the survey and that data is currently being examined.

A newspaper outlet reported that the exploration, on October 25 and 26, took place in Jersey City, beside an old landfill site, and the material from the dig is currently being examined, with the hope of ending one of the most shocking mysteries of the last half-century.

Jimmy Hoffa, who was played by Al Pacino in Martin Scorsese’s film, was an immensely influential union leader whose links to the mob terrified Bobby Kennedy, the president’s brother and attorney general.

Jimmy Hoffa at the time, as James Neff penned in his 2015 book Vendetta, was the permanent president of the biggest, worst, and most powerful labour union in American history and the union boss was convicted of bribery, conspiracy and jury tampering, and was in jail from 1967-71.

On his release, he tried to return to his dominant union position and continue his mafia ties, in particular his connections to Anthony Provenzo, a capo in the Genovese crime family.

Anthony Provenzo was the head of a teamsters association in Union City, New Jersey.

The mafia leader was unimpressed by Jimmy Hoffa’s attempt to return to his former ways, and connections between the two men soured.

If Jimmy Hoffa was killed, then I can’t see the mafia risking transporting one of the most infamous men at the time halfway across the country, just to bury him in New Jersey, and they clearly didn’t want him to be discovered, so they probably didn’t bury him.

The thing is, the people that were involved would be in their late sixties now and if they’ve not informed in all that time, I suspect they’ll not be talking now.

Is there any point in looking for Hoffa now? Let’s face it, those resources could be going to areas that are needed. It’s going to be one of those mysteries where everyone’s guessing, but no one really knows.

I would assume that anyone that could be implicated in Jimmy Hoffa’s demise is probably already dead, so this is a continuing waste of money, time and resources on a wild goose chase for Jimmy Hoffa’s remains, and instead could be diverting personnel and money into finding missing children and people.

We should just let him be because sometimes you just need enduring mysteries to keep the pulse going.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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