Drivers Risk A Fine Of £5,000

Motorists are being advised to be cautious what they wear this Christmas behind the wheel because some festive outfits or winter clothing could see them hit with a £5,000 penalty.

Any clothing or footwear that isn’t deemed suitable for driving as it could compromise a person’s ability to control a vehicle, could see a driver in hot water.

A newspaper outlet stated that typically many people get into the celebratory mood with online searches for Christmas outfits, which have risen by 1,280 per cent over the past 12 weeks, and motoring experts at National Tyres and Autocare have urged those taking to the roads to be careful of what they’re wearing.

While it’s not technically against the law, failing to wear the correct footwear while behind the wheel breaks Rule 97 of the Highway Code and could be classified as driving without due care and attention.

The Highway Code says that a person should ensure clothing and footwear doesn’t stop a person from using the controls in any way.

High heeled footwear or boots can restrict the movement of ankles and shoes with a thick platform sole can impact the use of pedals.

While inflatable fancy dress outfits are popular, attempting to drive in one can affect visibility and the ability to steer or use the gear stick and other controls.

Failure to have proper control of a vehicle could lead to a maximum fine of £5,000 and/or a discretionary disqualification and nine points on a person’s licence.

Failure to have proper control of a vehicle could lead to a maximum penalty of £5,000 and/or a discretionary disqualification and nine points on your licence.

Michael Bourne, group marketing director at National Tyres and Autocare said that driving in outfits that impact your driving ability could cause an accident.

I’ve never heard of such nonsense in all my life, but of course, they just need another rubbish reason to harass drivers, and Santa had better watch himself out there, flying about with a hat and coat and bundles of unfastened presents in the back.

And it now looks like that our freedom to wear what we want has been eroded, like our freedom of speech, and I see nothing is being said about dash cams and other things hanging from rearview mirrors that can block line of sight, including people wearing a baseball cap which could also restrict a drivers line of sight.

So, now they’re telling us what to wear – the world is getting more and more like a prison every day, and this is all under the cover of COVID that the government have been ushering in a never-ending list of monetary penalties for the most trivial transgressions.

Back in the day, there would have been a public objection, but under the cover of COVID, now the British public have been trained to accept all and everything without issue, and the government are actually getting away with it.

Now, I could understand it if you were caught driving with flip flops on, that could be extremely dangerous, but who in their right mind is going to be driving along dressed as a Christmas tree?

This reminds me of ‘A Christmas Carol’, and it clearly appears like government want to be performing the role of Scrooge, and before you know it we’ll all be in lockdown again for Christmas.

The United Kingdom has gone stark raving mad, and soon Father Christmas will be known as Virus Claus, and Rudolf with his red nose will be causing a distraction to pilots.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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