Virgin Media Is Offline

Virgin Media crashed this morning, leaving thousands of customers complaining of being unable to access the internet, make phone calls or watch TV.

According to Down Detector, which monitors website interruptions, there were 17,100 issues recorded at about 11:00 GMT.

Virgin Media confirmed it was experiencing difficulties, but said they were linked to its TV services rather than Wifi infrastructure.

The company tweeted that they were aware of a problem concerning TV services and they were working hard to resolve it as promptly as possible.

People across the country have reported difficulties, with hot spots in large cities such as London, Nottingham, Birmingham and Manchester.

One Virgin Media customer tweeted the company saying: ‘What’s happening with Broadband in PE4? Lost all connection can’t even contact on phone or app.’

Another added that the entire TV was down. ‘Glasgow, what’s going on?’ And asked if they’d been hacked, and was their personal information safe?

One customer, Alex MacLeod, tweeted: ‘Can you inform us what is happening with TV signal in Perth? I have no TV and can’t get onto the website. It also appears to be down. Tried phoning but can’t get through.’

Down Detector gets networks status updates from numerous sources including social media and reports submitted to its website.

Virgin Media also experienced a blackout last week, with more than 2,000 customers reporting a problem with their internet connection.

When it works Virgin Media is great, but that’s when it does work.

Virgin Media is ridiculous and not fit for purpose, yet the company have the audacity to bump up their prices every year while their service gets worse.

I’m not really sure why it’s called Virgin Media anymore because Richard Branson doesn’t own any part of it. He used to own three-quarters of Virgin Mobile, but now he gets paid £8.5 million each year for the use of the Virgin brand name.

Virgin Media is a British telecommunications company, which provides telephone, television and internet services in the United Kingdom, and it’s now owned by Virgin Media O2, a 50:50 joint enterprise between Liberty Global and Telefónica.

This country has become a farce. Nothing works properly and you get ripped off on everything. You work long hours for very little money and the money that we earn buys little to nothing and those products that we do buy have diminished in size with each passing year. Even confectionary has got smaller over the years, on the premise that they will make you fat. Boris Johnson should take a look at himself in the mirror sometimes, he might not like what he sees.

And we should expect to see a lot more of this. Electricity, internet and phone networks will all be down on a weekly basis now that we’re in this new green economy – it’s called the new normal.

If companies can’t provide you with the service that you pay for then you should be entitled to compensation while it’s not working, but it seems that they’re not accountable for anything, but they’ll tear you a new anus if you owe then even a penny.

Virgin Media is shocking and when you contact them, well, you’ve got more chance of contacting the man on the moon, but the moment you cancel your direct debit you get bombarded by them. I actually had an incident where I cancelled my sim card because I didn’t need it anymore. The chap on the other end of the phone wanted to know the ins and outs of why. I asked him to turn my sim off at midnight – guess what, he turned all my services off and when I complained they offered me a £10 goodwill gesture!

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