Cat-Calling Women In pubs Or On The Street Could Be Criminalized

Harassing women in pubs or on the street could be outlawed in a proposed crackdown on violence against women.

It was reported that the Law Commission is set to call for the criminalisation of public sexual harassment such as cat-calling and making suggestive remarks.

It will also recommend making encouraging hatred against women a criminal offence, in a Government-commissioned review of hate crimes, but it will stop short of making misogyny a hate crime as it was said to be ineffective and possibly counterproductive in terms of protecting women and sentencing offenders.

A Whitehall source told a newspaper outlet that the commission will call for a public sexual harassment offence, which doesn’t currently exist, and that it believes this fits with other work the Government is doing on criminalising intimate image abuse and will be more fruitful and better in protecting women.

Following the murder of Sarah Everard in March, Home Secretary Priti Patel said crimes such as flashing, verbal or physical mistreatment of women in the street were not low level and could lead to more dangerous crimes.

Feminist campaigner Nimco Ali, who’s advising the Government on brutality against women, said that the new legislation was like seatbelt laws and was necessary to change social standards.

This is not just about men, this is about women as well. Does this mean that when a woman cat-calls a man that should be banned as well?

What about young girls that set up social media pages? Girls that say they’re of age to talk to these men, but it then turns out that they’re not, but the man gets into trouble and nothing happens to the many girls that do this, this is entrapment and should also be against the law, but it’s not, and numerous men end up in prison for crimes of abuse because these girls were allowed on social media.

This is just another smokescreen of power to restrict freedom and human rights – your thoughts, opinions, speech, debate, whistling, it’s all being criminalised, step by step.

Up next it will be: ‘No officer, he didn’t cat-call me, but I felt his male gaze’.

It’s only a matter of time before unsolicited advances towards women will be forbidden.

Could you imagine PC plod sitting in a pub when the local exotic dancer comes on stage and all the men wolf whistle at her? All the men would get arrested and put in prison – anyone would think that there’s no serious crime out there.

Or there will be police officers in nightclubs to spot men who are giving unwanted attention and flirting to women, oh wait, that’s already becoming a reality.

And speaking as a female, there’s nothing better than a wolf whistle to put a smile on your face because most men understand boundaries and respect them, and women can be just as bad, if not worse than men so I hope it works both ways.

Flirting isn’t encouraging hatred of women.

What this will be doing though is putting more hatred on the average male who apparently should be seen and not heard.

Whistling or showing your appreciation towards a woman isn’t female brutality. In fact, most women spend hours getting dressed, doing their hair and putting their slap on, and they really like it when people notice, it’s called the mating ritual, and it’s been going on for billions of years.

Perhaps Priti Patel should be spending more time dealing with the real problems in our country, uncontrolled migration, rather than things like this.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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