A Mother Is slammed For Sending An Inappropriate Lunch To School

A mum has been inundated with backlash after packing an inappropriate lunch for her daughter in kindergarten.

Mum of one Jane, from New South Wales, Australia, was pleased with the Squid Game inspired lunchbox she prepared, but hundreds of other parents weren’t impressed.

Sharing an image to a popular Facebook group, Jane packed rice balls covered in yaki nori seaweed which were finished with triangles, circles and squares that represented the show.

The fictional survival drama television series Squid Game sees contestants fight to the death in an endeavour to win a large amount of prize money, and while some thought it to be wrong to include references to the gruelling show in a child’s lunchbox, others said it’s just shaped food.

One woman wrote in the comments of the Facebook post that they wondered if the mother had actually let the child watch the show and that it was just some shapes on some food and that people should just lighten up, and that if nothing had been said about Squid Games, they would have thought that it was Playstation themed.

But someone else said that if she was making a theme for the child, then she presumably lets the kid watch it because why bother making a themed lunchbox that they won’t understand.

The lunchbox was also loaded with fresh sliced strawberries, M&Ms, miniature sausages and soy crisps.

Another parent disregarded the Squid Game references and called the lunchbox wholesome and praised Jane for her efforts.

One woman wrote that it looked yummy. Well done mumma bear, keep up the lunches.

Sometimes these headers are just pitiful. Obviously, this child is loved, but so many children go to school without a decent lunch, and if the highlight of your day is criticising a child’s lunchbox, especially some child you don’t even know, or the child’s mother, then you really do need to get a life.

Stop the judgement, it’s nobody’s business.

What’s highly inappropriate is the fact that people are sitting there telling a parent or guardian what to do with their own children, and this stupidity needs to stop because ultimately it’s a parents choice on what they determine is good and what’s not.

Look around you people! And you’ll see so many delinquent children and youths in our communities due to the fact that all control has been taken away from the parents, including the disciplining of their children, and why on earth would anyone care about what a parent puts in their child’s lunchbox?

I really do hope a time machine is never built because no one would want to come back to this era, and this barking about references to Squid Games is just absurd. Honestly, do you really believe this child is going to have the slightest clue? And even if the child did watch the show, at five years old, she would be too young to even be able to draw a parallel between the show and the abstract shapes in her lunchbox, but still, the barking will go on.

There’s nothing bad in the lunchbox. I myself wouldn’t have packed that sort of food, but every parent is different. My granddaughter loves Sushi, and her parents let her eat it from time to time, but I don’t suppose they would put it in her lunchbox. The point that I’m trying to make is that every parent has different ideas and other parents should mind their own beeswax.

This is all opinion based and objective, but what it does demonstrate is that people think the worst of each other, just so they can look like they have some sort of intelligence!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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