New COVID Drug Can Treat All Mutations Of Omicron

According to new data, a COVID antibody treatment has been shown to work against all mutations of the Omicron variant – well, I must say that was fast, what magic sack did they pull this one out of?

Apparently, laboratory studies have demonstrated that the drug called Sotrovimab and developed by British pharma GlaxoSmithKline with US firm Vir Biotechnology, is effective against the 37 now known mutations of the new strain.

Data last week had revealed Sotrovimab was able to fight several key mutations of Omicron, but the new data indicates the treatment will work against the variant in all its forms.

And the drug was approved by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency last week after trials showed it cut the chance of hospitalisation and deaths in patients with mild to moderate COVID symptoms by 79 per cent.

Sotrovimab, sold under the brand name Xevudy, is used to prevent people from developing extreme COVID cases and is useful for people with suppressed immune systems, and it gives the body COVID antibodies to combat the illness while antivirals meddle with how the virus replicates.

The UK Government has already ordered about 100,000 doses.

The MHRA approval means it’s now endorsed two antibody treatments, Ronapreve and Xevudy, and one antiviral, Legevrio, also known as Molnupiravir.

The new data is likely to be welcomed with relief by numerous public health professionals amid continued uncertainty around whether current COVID 19 vaccines and treatments can fight back effectively against Omicron.

There was also a second dose of good news, with plant-based COVID 19 vaccine, developed by GSK alongside Canadian biotech Medicago, shown to be 71 per cent effective against several variants of COVID 19 and 75pc effective against the highly infectious Delta strain.

The trial also revealed that there were no severe adverse reactions to the vaccine in the 24,000 people involved in the study.

As a result of the data, GSK and Medicago are planning to imminently request approval for the jab from Canadian regulators.

If given the green light, it will become the world’s first plant-based COVID vaccine authorised for human use.

Plant-based medicines can be produced quickly and in considerable amounts, making them useful for mass public health campaigns and vaccination drives.

The GSK-Medicago vaccine can also be stored at refrigerator temperature, making it more manageable to transport than some current vaccines such as the one developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, which needs to be stored at -70 degrees centigrade.

This new drug has no long term data to support it, and it has no long term data of what will happen if you combine different drugs together, or how our bodies will respond or be affected by this. However, anything that you put into your body is a risk. Leaving your home is a risk. Driving a car is a risk. What we should be doing is letting people decide if they want the jab or not, it’s not our lives, it’s theirs.

But how to become a millionaire in four easy steps. Invent a story that a virus is going to wipe everyone out. Manufacture an alleged treatment. Get your buddies in Government to insist we all have to have it. Make the public-funded NHS buy it – job done.

Problem, reaction, solution. Works a dream every time.

The US is run by tech giants, the United Kingdom is run by big pharma firms, and China has all the components which are creating a new industry. An experimental vaccine with no comeback by the big pharma drug companies who were exempt from prosecution from damaging side effects or death.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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