Students Are Forced To Eat Their Lunch Outside In Freezing Temperatures At School

Fuming parents have branded a school disgusting after discovering their children are being asked to eat their lunch outdoors in the freezing cold in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Bulwell Academy in Nottingham said the measure is part of its anti-COVID strategy and is designed to create more distance between pupils and therefore reduce the chance of virus transmission.

But parents argue there aren’t enough seats for all the students and that the benches are dripping wet, insisting classrooms or other indoor spaces be used instead.

Hitting back at the complaints, the academy said most pupils in Years 7 and 8 preferred to be outdoors anyhow, and that a school hall was open to the latter year group if they wanted to dine indoors.

It comes after the Academy, once described as an army camp, formerly came under fire for asking pupils to produce a doctor’s note if they wanted to go to the toilet during lesson time.

One parent, who asked not to be named, said it’s freezing cold and they’re stood outside eating their lunch, and that it was truly appalling, and there were not enough seats for them either.

She said that she’d tried talking to the school, and that they should have at least have a classroom to sit in and eat, and that she was so frustrated.

Another parent, who also didn’t want to be named, said the school needed to do more.

She said that she was not pleased at all and that her daughter came in soaked through, and she said that they need to do something as they’re all standing outside.

She said there were benches but that they were soaked through and that she felt sorry for the children and that if they’re outside all through their lunchtime they’re not getting any warmth, and that the school needed to do something like different time slots for each year to eat and make sure they’ve got a place to dine.

A Bulwell Academy representative said that efforts to decrease the chance of coronavirus spreading include using outdoor space during breaks and lunchtime, rather than having hundreds of students in a confined space, and that the vast majority of Years 7 and 8 choose to be outside, with staff on duty checking their welfare.

The spokesperson said that they’ve opened the hall for Year 8s for those preferring to be inside and that parents were urged to contact the Academy if there were any problems.

Seems like these teachers just like to bully their students. I bet they wouldn’t sit outdoors in the freezing cold – bet they’re having a right chuckle to themselves while they sit in the warm.

These children are in a classroom all day with other children. Then they have to eat their lunch outdoors. What kind of drugs are these teachers taking?

When are people going to learn that they have the ability to prevent this nonsense? It has to end, but of course, it won’t stop because some people get off on it.

Yes, they might not get COVID from being outdoors, but they might get pneumonia.

And this school asking for a doctor’s note if they want to go to the bathroom is quite brutal because girls of menstrual age shouldn’t be told to produce a doctor’s note in order to use the toilets.

It’s common sense, for anyone with the rudimentary understanding of how menstruation impacts girls, that they can’t always anticipate when they will require the bathroom. It’s not a medical issue, it’s a fact of life.

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