After Dating For Only Two Weeks, A Woman, 18, And Her Boyfriend, 20, Claim They’ve Married

A young couple claim they got hitched after only two weeks of courting because they believed it was the best way to commit to each other.

Clara Bell, 18, and Trey Bell, 20, tied the knot in a dreamy Florida beach wedding with a $200 service, just three hours after deciding to get hitched.

Teenage bride Clara, from Louisville, Kentucky, announced her spontaneous nuptials on TikTok on October 16, when she shared a video captioned ‘getting married in three hours, stay tuned’.

Follow up videos featuring images of the newlyweds hugging on the beach have acquired more than five million views and thousands of comments.

It’s possible to get a marriage licence and wed the same day in Florida, but couples must have completed a pre-marriage course beforehand, or else there’s a three day wait.

Clara and Trey haven’t explained when or if they took the course.

Clara and Trey, who make money through TikTok, had met and briefly dated in 2018 before going their separate ways.

After reconnecting on Snapchat in September and spending two weeks together as a couple, the pair took a trip to Panama City in Florida and finished up eloping.

Clara said that they were dating for two weeks before the wedding, and spent every day together during that time and got married on the same day that Trey suggested the idea and then they eloped.

She said that their families didn’t attend because it was so last minute, and that it was literally just the two of them. There was a minister who they had come to the beach with a photographer, but that was it.

She said that when Trey first proposed the idea of getting married, she was pretty on board and they just did it, and she said that their families were definitely surprised and that she hadn’t told her parents about Trey. So, not only did she have to say she was married, she had to introduce them to her husband because they didn’t know him.

She said it was surprising in a shocking way, but that her parents are happy now that they’ve met Trey and she said that she’s met his parents and that they’re super pleased for them both, but at the time, they were stunned and confused, although not shocked in a bad way.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Because usually when it comes to marriage, a woman only needs to ask herself one question, is this the man that I want to have children and spend every second with? And I would imagine that if things don’t work out, their divorce process is going to be a lot more complicated and a lot more costly than their wedding ceremony.

Of course, not all couples that get married young end up in divorce, some are happily married for years and years, or until they die, sometimes it can be a good thing, but not always – it will either work, or it won’t, we will just have to see, and their prospects of an extremely good marriage are like most people who take the plunge.

If you’re good at forgiving and flexible and working to grow through each stage together, you can make things work, although the probabilities are low, particularly in today’s society, but it isn’t unheard of.

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