Is That A Toilet On A Pink-Tiled Stage?

We all fancied ourselves as a bit of a DIY guru during at least one of the lockdowns, didn’t we?

Well, even if this wasn’t you, these photos show some people most definitely did, and it backfired with quirky design ideas that don’t make any sense.

My Health Gazette shared these outlandish images from all over the world that show the most bizarre home designs, from having a toilet on a pink tiled stage, or a toilet with no door, to stairs that lead to nowhere.

Or even a toilet in the shower? A toilet with a roll that dispenses from the lid? Or a toilet right in the sight of your neighbours? But it doesn’t stop there, one homeowner put a second front door right on top of the one you walk into, two metres above the other.

Here are the most bizarre design choices that beg the question, what on earth were they thinking?

Time and time again these photographs get rolled out, and that hairy staircase, well, I’d be combing it all the time, and extremely unworkable, but typically people have diverse preferences and it’s a great idea that some people are different. I guess it’s better than beige and boring.

I suppose the door on the second floor has a purpose, especially if you live in a country with lots of snowfall – that way you don’t get trapped in your house, although you’d need a big step ladder.

And I’m guessing the bathroom door with all the locks on, is likely to be due to someone wanting to create a safe room where they can retreat in case of intruders or fear of a violent ex hunting them down.

The house that has a small door above the main door looks like it’s from the 1700s or before. It may have been a supply area. They would use a winch to lift hefty items up to that area, rather than schlep them through the house and up a staircase.

Everyone has their own style. It might not be everyone’s taste, but who are we to criticise someone’s else’s home? And it’s lovely to see people living in their homes and not just treating it like something that needs to be sold one day.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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