A Cop Surrounds A Mother And Son At Their Table Before Kicking Them Out Of A Queens Applebee’s

This is the moment more than ten NYPD officers encircled a mother and her son at a table in a Queen’s Applebee’s, before booting them out of the restaurant for not having vaccination cards during a disagreement with mass anti-vaccine mandate protesters.

The video footage reveals the officers, who have been accused of traumatising and terrorising the child, surrounding the young family at their table during a demonstration at Queens Centre Mall.

Dozens of anti-vaccine mandate protesters had orchestrated a sit-in at the restaurant after they were denied service for not verifying their vaccination status, as part of a string of rallies against the rules.

An officer could be heard saying that unless they had vaccination cards, they had to vacate the restaurant.

The little boy looks as if he’s about to cry before he conceals his face while the police speak to the family after the restaurant called the officers because of the demonstration.

A gathering of demonstrators, who’d been protesting against vaccine mandates, could be heard screaming at the NYPD officers as they asked the family to exit the busy restaurant.

One person could be heard screaming that the officers were scaring the child and traumatising the child, and they hoped they felt good about themselves, the NYPD.

One protester could be heard saying that it was gross and disgusting.

In New York City, people aged five and older are required to establish evidence they’ve received at least one dose of a COVID 19 vaccine for indoor dining, including restaurants, catering halls, hotel banquets rooms, bars, nightclubs, cafeterias, coffee shops, fast-food restaurants and grocery stores with indoor dining.

One officer, addressing the gathering of protesters said that if they departed willingly they would not have charges pressed against them, but that if they declined to exit they would be arrested for trespass and that they would only get one warning.

A newspaper outlet said that a bunch of demonstrators had sat down in the Applebee’s restaurant on December 15 at approximately 9 pm and refused to leave after staff declined to serve them because they’d not shown their vaccination passes.

A newspaper outlet said that the NYPD had been summoned to the location by the restaurant staff following a disturbance.

The NYPD said that upon arrival, officers were told by the manager that people entered, declined to verify vaccination status in compliance with NYS Mandate and asked for the people to be removed from the area.

It appears that most criminality must have stopped in the city, so officers now have time to pester a mother and her 5-year-old child about a vaccination that doesn’t stop a virus – how proud New Yorkers must be, and all the police say is that they’re obeying orders, we’ve heard that one before.

This is just another level of crazy, no wonder people are leaving, and this is authoritarianism and just disgraceful, and our freedoms are being taken from us and some people appear to be alright with this.

Schools quit teaching real history and this is where we’re at now. History is now repeating itself, and it’s becoming like East Germany, but without the wall!

Meanwhile, murders are taking place throughout the metropolis and offences go unsolved by staffing shortages, but it takes ten officers to patrol vaccination status for a mum and her child, and they seem to be able to roust a mum and her child, but when criminals smash and grab and rob your store, you’re told to file an insurance claim – what’s the real agenda here?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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