Emergency Talks on Maxwell Are Held By Andrew’s Lawyers

Prince Andrew’s US lawyers have reportedly held emergency talks after Ghislaine Maxwell’s convictions for child sex trafficking, and experts told a newspaper outlet that the guilty verdicts were not good news for the Duke of York whose future as a frontline royal is now looking increasingly gloomy.

Lawyers in the US think the ninth in line to the British throne should now be quaking in his boots, as his old friend faces spending the rest of her life behind bars unless she flips and names names.

Experts also think that the Duke of York’s odds of beating the legal action brought against him by Virginia Roberts Guiffre will not be even more difficult after Maxwell was found guilty by a New York jury.

The 60-year-old British socialite was labelled a dangerous predator as she was convicted of helping to entice vulnerable teenagers to Jeffrey Epstein’s homes for him to sexually abuse between 1994 and 2004.

Miss Maxwell, a friend of Andrew’s for numerous years who chose not to give evidence at her trial, could now try to cut a deal to lessen a verdict that would see her die in jail.

A newspaper outlet has declared, and described them as emergency talks, and that Andrew’s lawyers spoke after yesterday’s rulings to examine the fallout, but also think the decision not to call Mrs Giuffre as a witness was catastrophic for her credibility.

Royal experts have said the Duke of York’s reputation was now a busted flush because of his friendship with billionaire paedophile Epstein and now convicted sex trafficker Maxwell, and the Queen’s constant and tireless support for her son, including reportedly spending millions of pounds personally financing the Duke of York’s defence case against allegations of sexual abuse, risks bringing the Royal Family into disrepute, critics have argued.

Robert Jobson, the author of Prince Philip’s Century, told a newspaper outlet that whatever way you look at the Maxwell verdict, it’s not good news for the Duke of York. Not only has he confessed to judgement failure regarding his friendship with the dead convict paedophile Epstein, but it’s known that he also enjoyed a long friendship with convicted sex trafficker Maxwell.

Prince Andrew has always denied any wrongdoing and isn’t facing criminal prosecution in the United States, but was named twice in proceedings including one by a pilot as one of the passengers flying on sex offender Epstein’s private jet – the so-called ‘Lolita Express’ because it was used to transport the billionaire paedophile’s victims around the world.

Epstein and Maxwell were also photographed relaxing on the bench at the Queen’s secluded log cabin in Glen Beg, Balmoral after Andrew personally invited them to stay.

Sadly Andrew has been on a downward path for a while, driven by his own lack of judgement, selfishness, egotism, sense of entitlement and lack of any intelligence, and it will continue to be this way from now on – he’s the author of his own misfortunes, but as long as the Queen is around to protect this somewhat unsavoury character he will be protected by the Royal Family, but what will happen when Charles gets on the throne?

If Andrew is guiltless of any wrongdoing like he says that he is, then he should help in order to clear his name, but instead, he’s dragging the Royal Family down with him. Although he’s under no obligation to clear his name and I believe that would be a slippery slope for him and we’re seemingly innocent until proven guilty.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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