Model’s Size 6 Sparks Outrage On TikTok

A size 6 model has revealed that she has to wear a fat suit to appear in ads for plus size clothing labels, saying she gets hired because they want the neck and face to look thin and sharp.

TikTok user @coolquinn, whom The Daily Dot identified as Norwegian model Karoline Bjørnelykk, shared the secret from the modelling industry in a recent video that enraged viewers.

Karoline Bjørnelykke showed off her slender figure in a mirror selfie at the start of the clip, demonstrating that even though she’s skinny, she’s deemed a ‘plus-size’ model.

According to her modelling bio, she wears a size 38/40, which is a size 6/8 in the US.

However, despite her size, she claimed that she’s been hired to appear in ads for brands that carry sizes XL through to 5XL.

She said that if you have eyes, you can see that she’s not that size. So, how do we correct the situation? She said that she has to bring something called padding to work, which essentially is a fat suit in parts.

Bjørnelykke then explained how she stuffs the suit with padding to make herself look ‘a lot bigger,’ saying the garments are also sometimes pinned in the back to make it look like they fit, and she said, so if the clothes look good from the front, they probably look awful from the back, that’s because they want the neck and the face to look thin and sharp, which doesn’t just create unrealistic standards but impossible ones and her advice was that they should just use real plus-sizes because they’re so many beautiful plus sized women out there.

The video has been viewed more than 379,000 times, and the comments varied from disgruntled to anger, and one person wrote, while another added that this was why they were so self-conscious about their face shape.

Someone else said that the modelling industry loathes plus size models.

Model Kalison Nix confirmed the practice, noting that fellow sized 10 plus size model here, so silly and they have the same padding set.

Others criticised Bjørnelykke for wearing the pads, saying she was contributing to the situation, and one Tik Tok user said that they shouldn’t take the job if they think it’s ethically wrong.

Bjørnelykke said that she no longer takes those kinds of jobs, but that she didn’t have a choice earlier on in her career.

I guess that most women wondered how plus-sized models were fat with a defined jawline, but it seems it’s just all more smoke and mirrors from the industry, but then makeup, fillers, eyelashes and lipstick are all fakery, along with photoshop.

Fat suits were a wonderful idea especially in the film industry, but if only there was a thin suit, and hopefully it will be out there somewhere, although there’s nothing wrong with being overweight, but people bring so many problems that just don’t need to be there and then they get upset about it.

And if people are worried about what Tik Tok users say, then you’re already halfway to the nuthouse, and then we’re told not to believe everything that we read in newspapers, I believe this also applies to Tik Tok as well.

This is probably all about money, as it always is because why hire a range of models for a shoot when you can employ one thin one and then make them look big with padding under their garments, and there was a time before the internet became commercial, corporations got fined for false advertising, but since the internet, it’s falseness all the way – news, fashion and people et cetera.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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