Meat Loaf’s Legendary Status Is Cruelly Mocked

Within hours of the singer Meat Loaf’s demise on Thursday after a reported bout with COVID 19, some took to social media to ridicule his viewpoints opposing mask and vaccine mandates.

Meat Loaf’s family and spokespeople have so far not confirmed either his cause of death or his vaccination status, but TMZ quoted sources saying that he was extremely ill with COVID when he died.

Running with his stated resistance to directives, numerous critics assumed that the renowned singer was unvaccinated, and took the opportunity to heap scorn on him.

In the end, Meat Loaf let everyone know what he wouldn’t do for love – get vaccinated.

Progressive activist Brianna Wu tweeted that she wasn’t going to point out that he was an anti-mask science denier who had a very serious case of COVID, and that he used his public platform to encourage others to dismiss precautions, and that she wished his family and loved one’s comfort, but she also added that she believed it was totally ethical to mock public figures who engage in destructive behaviour with COVID and then die.

Tech culture journalist Xeni Jardin tweeted that Meat Loaf was a pandemic a–hole, and that if you were and are a fan that’s okay, but that the due was a d— about the pandemic, and that it sounds like he f—ed around and found out.

MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid was more cautious, paying tribute to Meat Loaf’s performance in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which she called gloriously campy and rude fun, and she added that his views on COVID vaccine mandates were feeling like yet another cautionary tale, but would just leave it at RIP and condolences.

The singer was born Marvin Lee Aday and he passed on Thursday at the age of 74, after suffering numerous health problems in recent years.

Two weeks ago, his daughter Pearl posted on Instagram that a number of her friends and family had tested positive for COVID. She didn’t specify if her father was one of them.

It remains unclear whether Meat Loaf was vaccinated or not because he refused to disclose it to his fans, and urged them not to talk politics when coming to his performances, and his family have not revealed if the singer passed at his home in Nashville or in the hospital.

Meat Loaf told a fan three weeks ago that he’d recently had an endoscopy and grumbled about the seemingly incessant lockdowns and restrictions, telling the fan in a Cameo video that COVID was a pain, but that you could blame China.

Geeze, it didn’t take long for the nasty people to show up, did it? The dude just died. He was 74 years old, the older generation, and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and their own beliefs.

After all, it’s your body and your choice if you are vaccinated or not, and it’s a peculiar group of people that mock someone that’s just passed, and yet they think they’re the sort of people on the right side of history.

One day all these internet haters will really regret how they acted during this horrible time in World History.

Something awful has happened over the past few years, and it seems that far too many people have become so filled with anger and hate that they’ve misplaced their sense of humanity and common decency, but then social media has given everyone a platform, and revelling in someone’s death demonstrates some kind of point is beyond disgusting.

Meat Loaf lived a long and prosperous life. He made money, created art that will be around longer than any of us and saw the world many times over, and if humans weren’t bad enough, COVID really has brought out the very worst in some people and we should be ashamed of what we’ve become.

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