Crystal Hefner CONFIRMS

Hugh Hefner’s widow Crystal said that she destroyed thousands of nude images taken on disposable cameras, confirming Holly Madison’s allegation that the Playboy founder kept a mountain of vengeance porn.

Crystal Hefner, 35, was married to Hugh from 2012 until his demise in 2017, aged 91.

On Monday night, in an episode of the 10 piece A&E series Secrets of Playboy, an ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner’s, Madison, told about the shady side of Hefner’s personality.

Madison, 42, who was with Hugh Hefner from 2001-8, said that he kept all sorts of nude images of women so he could legally use them as a form of blackmail, and the former model said she stayed with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion in part because she was scared that he would publish the pictures.

Madison said in the documentary that his friends were always so supportive and spoke so favourably of him, but that was the only side of him they ever saw. They had no idea what was going on behind closed doors and how the women were treated.

She said that when she lived at the mansion, she was scared to leave. Something was lingering in the back of her mind, and she believed that from the very start, was that if she left there was just going to be this mountain of revenge porn just waiting to come out.

On Tuesday, Crystal confirmed Madison’s account.

She tweeted thousands of those disposable camera photos she was talking about @hollymadison.

She said that she instantly tore them up and eliminated every single one of them for her and the myriad other women in them. They’re gone.

Madison replied: ‘Thank you @crystalhefner’.

Crystal Hefner who was determined to set the record straight and took issue with other parts of the documentary, in particular, a declaration by poet Sharmagne Leland-St John-Sylbert, 76, that Hugh Hefner was intrigued with Charles Manson, and Leland-St John said that Hugh Hefner kept home videos of the Manson clan.

Sondra Theodore, who dated Hugh Hefner from 1976 to 1981, also compared life at the mansion to the notorious cult, saying that there were so many resemblances with the way the girls obeyed everything he said, and we were all one big happy family.

However, Crystal denied that her late husband was interested in the serial killer pointing out that he was friends with the Manson family prosecutor but not Manson himself.

The man was gross, yet these women flung themselves at him, but then girls love cars and money and some just love the limelight a lot more, and over the centuries women have used men to get what they want, and then there are the documentaries so that they can peddle their stories.

Don’t get me wrong, men use women as well, especially if they have money.

Money, lots of people want it, men and women. It’s not like it’s a shocker.

Everyone knew who owned Playboy and women were falling over themselves to get a piece of the action. Let’s face it everyone knew that the Playboy mansion wasn’t church, and it wasn’t a place where you could confess your sins, but they are now!

But you must hold your hat out to these women and they must have had an extremely strong stomach. Let’s face it he wasn’t the most attractive guy, but then I guess you don’t have to poke the mantlepiece to poke the fire.

Hugh Hefner was the image of a filthy old man, but these women were just fame-hungry wannabes, and I’d like to bet that if any of them rejected his advances, he would move on to his next exploit.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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