A Female Gardener Was Reprimanded By Prince Andrew For Wrongly Cutting Trees

Prince Andrew shouted at a female gardener over incorrectly cut trees just days after he was served with a sex case writ from Virginia Roberts.

Virginia Roberts claims in a civil suit that she was trafficked by paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein and forced to have sex with Andrew, 61, on three occasions when she was 17.

The gardener in question was allegedly flustered and upset by the outburst from the Duke.

A royal insider said it was unfair, especially as it was only a few saplings, and the insider told a newspaper outlet that Andrew had been under a great deal of pressure but that was no reason to take it out on staff doing their job.

The Prince allegedly flew into a frenzy, yelling and screaming in front of a crew of gardeners at Royal Lodge, on the Queen’s estate at Windsor.

It comes as a leading expert estimated Andrew faces a £14 million payout if he agrees to settle the US lawsuit.

Top US civil lawyer Spencer Kuvin, who represents several of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, told a newspaper outlet that to punish someone worth a billion dollars you’ve got to hit them in their pockets and punish them accordingly.

Damages against Andrew could range in excess of £14 million quite easily.

Spencer Kuvin said that there are going to be huge legal hurdles in federal court before they will be able to even begin the process of litigating.

According to her lawyer, Virginia Roberts will only accept a settlement from Prince Andrew if it holds him to account. As he describes the Duke of York’s denial of ever meeting Virginia Roberts as incomprehensible.

David Boies, Virginia Roberts New York attorney, said Ms Roberts doesn’t want a settlement that would permit Andrew to escape responsibility due to his position and prosperity.

The lawyer also said that Virginia Roberts would also be unlikely to resolve the lawsuit outside of court if the Duke of York continued to deny meeting her, as he did in his famous BBC Newsnight interview.

Legal experts had predicted Andrew would pursue a settlement, but Andrew has taken the surprising decision to face his accuser in court and become the first member of the modern Royal Family to submit to being cross-examined over the serious allegations.

The lawsuit has come during the same year as the Queen’s platinum jubilee, and Mr Boies admitted that he did feel pain for Her Majesty that the legal action was being played out so publicly, describing it as a mother’s worst nightmare.

Sadly Andrew’s culmination of years of bad behaviour and a sense of great entitlement, he’s now reaping what he’s sown, and it’s about time he was brought down a peg or two because no one has the right to scream and offend others – he sounds like an extremely angry and frustrated man.

It really makes me wonder why these employees put up with it, and I wonder if any of the Royal staff have ever stood up to the royal toddler because, in normal life, nobody would put up with it, but just so much of it is swept under the rug.

The thing is, now Andrew isn’t worth that much money since he’s been stripped of everything, and it’s highly doubtful the Queen will bail him out, and if Andrew is such a connoisseur on cutting trees, why didn’t he do the gardening himself?

The problem is that for thousands of years, the monarchy has been telling people that the members of this one family are special and thus entitled to represent the nation as head of state without ever a single vote and to help themselves to our taxes, but now Andrew’s conduct has blown that stupid idea clean out of the water, and even some royal fans are realising they’ve been duped.

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