Johnson & Johnson Tried To Avoid Paying Victims $3.5 Billion

Johnson & Johnson created a plan last year to limit the financial bleeding from billions of dollars in jury awards to complainants who alleged the company’s Baby Powder and other talc products caused deadly cancers.

The healthcare and consumer goods colossus assigned more than 30 staffers to ‘Project Plato’. In a memorandum on the project in July, a company lawyer warned the team: Tell no one, not even your spouse.

Chris Andrew, a Johnson & Johnson lawyer, wrote in an internal memorandum reviewed by Reuters that it was essential that any activities connected to Project Plato, including the very fact the project exists, be kept in strict confidence.

The undercover team would go on to evaluate a plan to shift all the liability from approximately 38,000 pending talc cases onto a newly formed subsidiary, which would immediately declare bankruptcy.

The goal, as a lawyer for the subsidiary, said in a court filing, that it was to halt all the litigation and transfer the cases to bankruptcy court, where plaintiffs would compete for compensation from a limited pool of money.

Tens of thousands of plaintiffs, many with mesothelioma or ovarian cancer, have filed lawsuits alleging that exposure to talc in Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder and other company products made them sick.

One complainant was Thomas McHattie, 78 years old, who travelled the world as an obstetrician-gynaecologist before receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis in March 2020.

Thomas McHattie said he recommended Baby Powder to numerous pregnant women while using it himself. He said that he endured five courses of chemotherapy to treat tumours in his abdomen, and has suffered from pronounced fatigue and shortness of breath.

He sued Johnson & Johnson in New York in July, a few months after receiving his diagnosis. His case had not yet gone to trial when Johnson & Johnson subsidiary LTL Management filed for bankruptcy.

In a 2020 court filing, Johnson & Johnson said it denied ‘each and every allegation statement, matter and thing’ asserted by McHattie in his lawsuit.

McHattie told Reuters in an interview that he was disappointed that they’ve decided to do what’s expedient and not what’s right, and he said that there was no reason for them filing bankruptcy and that this was a solvent company.

Securities filings show that Johnson & Johnson, valued at more than $540 billion, had approximately $31 billion in case and marketable securities on hand at the end of the third quarter.

It doesn’t seem like we can trust big pharma. They say they’re looking after the well being of the people, but now this is looking like a joke because they don’t actually give a shizzle about anyone and will always worm their way out of a settlement.

And this is why people don’t trust vaccines because if Johnson & Johnson can do this to women and babies, then they can do it to anyone, and why is this stuff still on the shelves? And if there’s ever a justifiable time to cancel culture, it’s now, and people should quit purchasing Johnson & Johnson products because this is immoral and appalling.

Johnson & Johnson are involved with so many recalls, lawsuits and scandals, it astounds me how they’re even still in business.

Sadly, most people are clueless about all the pharmaceutical atrocities as many of them don’t get publicised, and families battle for years to get some kind of settlement.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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