Over 150 Russian Officials Sign Open Letter Condemning Vladimir Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine

More than 150 senior Russian officials have signed an open letter criticising Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine as an unprecedented atrocity and warning of disastrous consequences.

The deputies said they were convinced Russian citizens didn’t back the conflict and blamed Vladimir Putin personally for ordering troops into Ukraine in an attack for which can’t be justified.

Vladimir Putin gave the order to attack, delivering an impressive speech to the Russian nation in which he declared a special military operation to de-militarise and de-Nazify Ukraine in what amounted to an outright declaration of war.

Missiles and bombs showered from the sky, tanks moved across the border, troops parachuted down on eastern parts and explosions were witnessed across the nation in the early hours and into the morning.

The letters advised Russians not to partake in the attack and called on citizens to speak out against the attack because only massive popular condemnation could stop the war.

Among the letter’s signatories were Moscow deputies Elena Rusakova, Maxim Gongalsky, Andrey Morev, Elena Kotenochkina and Elena Filina as well as St Petersburg officials David Kuvaev and Polina Sizova and Veliky Novgorod deputy Anna Cherepanova.

It was a surprising step for Russian officials to speak out against Vladimir Putin who usually holds an iron grip on dissent and last week televised a meeting with Moscow’s top security chiefs in which they seemed to be railroaded into backing his plans to invade Ukraine.

The letter, which described the signatories as those elected by the people, said they unreservedly condemn the invasion of the Russian army on Ukraine.

The decision to strike was made personally by Russian President Vladimir Putin and it’s almost certain that the citizens of Russia didn’t give him such a mandate.

The letter warned of catastrophic consequences and that thousands of people would be wounded, mutilated and would die, and that numerous cities would be destroyed and it said that Russia would face the condemnation of the world community resulting in seclusion, increasing prices and poverty.

The letter added that hopes for a good life in Russia are crumbling before their eyes, and they advised not to participate in the aggression and not to support it.

It comes after heartbreaking pictures emerged from Ukraine showing bloodied civilians staggering through the streets of towns in the east of the country following Russian shelling in the early hours of the morning.

The citizens of Russia can and probably will protest but they will be captured and put into prison. Russia isn’t the problem, Vladimir Putin is the problem. He has set himself up to be a Tsar, and it will be a bloodbath if he isn’t relieved of his duties, but at present, he has a tremendous grab for power.

Well, we know what happened to the last Tsar. Nicholas II and his family were murdered by Bolsheviks under Vladimir Lenin.

And the majority of Russians, particularly the young ones, feel nothing but humiliation and shame that they’re being dragged through this horror by a gangster and his cronies, but how can ordinary Russian people stand up to this man when the whole world is watching in stalemate?

Vladimir Putin doesn’t care about an open letter, the man is a lunatic.

There’s also been speculation that Vladimir Putin is sick, and according to some sources that the President has cancer and Parkinson’s Disease, whether this is true or not, the man might feel he’s already finished and that he’s going to take the rest of the world with him.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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