Did Harry And Meghan Visit The Queen Incognito?

Several police motorcyclists and a four-by-four accompanied the van down Windsor High Street yesterday, possibly as an escort for the couple.

Footage has emerged of a blackened out van and 4×4 departing Windsor Castle on the same day Harry and Meghan slinked in for an incognito visit, sparking speculation they were on board.

The convoy travelled down Windsor High Street preceded by two police motorcyclists, in what could be the couple’s security escort.

The video may spark questions about their security arrangements, given Harry had previously indicated he wouldn’t return to the United Kingdom unless he was given complete police protection.

The Sussexes have been accused of exploiting the Queen for Netflix and making their trip for ‘clear the air talks’ with the Queen and Prince Charles to please the American producers of their forthcoming documentary.

Speaking to a newspaper outlet, Meghan’s acid penned biographer Tom Bower sensationally branded the Sussexes ‘the Royal Family’s worst traducers’ and accused the pair of ‘exploiting an old, unwell woman to boost their credibility and coffers’.

Netflix is expected to send a camera unit to pursue Harry and Meghan when they meet the Ukraine team at the Invictus Games for injured military veterans in The Netherlands for their documentary about the Paralympic-style games, but critics have accused the royal couple of cashing in on the Games by allowing Netflix, with whom they’ve signed a $100 million deal, into private meetings, and royal experts think that the VVIP status given to the pair will allow Netflix to portray the couple in a favourable light, as they deal with the fallout from their bombshell interview with Ophrah last year.

Talking about Harry and Meghan’s meeting with the Queen and Charles, Mr Bower said that he had no doubt it was all done for their Netflix documentary, and that the Queen’s advisors failed to protect her from being exploited by the Royal Family’s worst traducers, while the Sussexes exploited an aged, sick woman to boost their credibility and coffers.

A newspaper outlet has contacted representatives for Harry and Meghan for comment. Buckingham Palace refused to remark on the video.

Other professionals suggested that the surprise face to face engagement with the Queen, who will be 96 years old next Thursday and has undergone a string of health concerns recently, was an olive branch after significant tension between the Sussexes and the royal family.

Ingrid Seward, editor in chief of Majesty Magazine, said the visit would have made the Queen extremely pleased despite the couple’s highly publicised criticism of the royals. In their interview with Ophrah, they accused an unknown senior royal of racism.

I’m sure there will be many people who say that they don’t even know why they have shown their faces and that they’ve got some nerve, but who are we, the common people to judge them and the Royal Family? Well, we are the common people who foot the bill!

However, they must be extremely embarrassed if they’ve arrived back in a blacked-out van.

They said that they wanted their life to be private, how’s that going with a Netflix documentary? I bet their bank account says “very well, thank you.”

Undoubtedly, it was supposed to be a private visit, not so private if the general public now know about it.

The thing is, if they came with big security, it would be wrong. If they came in quietly it would be wrong, so they’re doomed if they do and they’re doomed if they don’t.

But really and truly we don’t know if they were in the blacked-out van because there are numerous unmarked vehicles that visit the royal household on a daily basis, and this is just speculation that it was Harry and Meghan. It could have been the Pope for all we know.

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