She spent $6,750 (£3,834) shaving down her natural teeth to get ‘blinged out’ implants (pictured).
Amber Luke, from New South Wales, Australia, has revealed her latest body modification to become a “dragon girl.”

A woman who temporarily went blind as a result of her obsession with becoming a ‘dragon girl’ has revealed that she’s since shaved down her teeth to get crystal fang implants.

Amber Luke, 26, from New South Wales, Australia, has spent over $120,000 (£68,000) on extreme body modifications, including over 600 tattoos, a tongue split, breast augmentation, cheek and lip fillers, pointed implants put in her ears and a Brazilian butt lift.

The 26-year-old, who boasts over 19,000 Instagram followers, even lost her sight temporarily in 2019 after having her eyeballs tattooed with blue ink, but it hasn’t put her off the extreme body modifications and she’s now revealed how she’s shaved down her natural teeth to replace them with blinged-out fangs.

She claims to have fallen in love with her smile after covering her mouth with crystals and diamonds totalling $6,750 AUD (£3,834).

Amber said that it’s amazing and that she can’t stop looking at them and showing off her teeth and that it’s an awesome feeling.

Amber has covered 98 per cent of her body in ink since developing a tattoo habit as a teenager and decided to ink her eyeballs in 2018.

The social media celebrity feels that her teeth accent her blue ‘dragon’ eyes, which have become a great hit with her followers, and she explained that she looks at her mouth now and she’s like, it’s so icy and ‘blinged out’ and that she’s so happy about everything she’s done to her teeth.

She said that she initially got her fangs extended and sharpened but a month later, she wasn’t happy with how short they were, so she went back and got them extended and sharpened again, which set her back $1,000 AUD (£569) as there was more material used and her private health didn’t cover her as much as it did the first time.

She said that her VVS white gold tooth, which is permanent, is fixated next to her fang, and that it’s a veneer with a flawless pavé finish and it cost her $5,000 AUD (£2,849.99) for one singular tooth, and she said that they even made her sign a four-page waiver as they had to shave her tooth down to a nub like a normal veneer, and she wanted to make her fangs sparkle, so she also had Swarovski jewels placed to make the teeth ‘iced out.’

She was a gorgeous young lady before she ruined herself, but of course, she doesn’t feel that way at all because she loves what she’d done to herself, and she will look a real mess as she gets older, although some people might say that she’s a right mess now.

Some of the tattoos are stunning, it’s just a shame she didn’t just get a few beautiful ones and leave it at that, but the fact is she feels good about herself and she still looks very attractive, and I’m sure she will have no problem with loneliness when she gets older.

Many of us look back on photographs of ourselves that were taken twenty years ago and we laugh at how silly our haircuts and clothes were and most of us wouldn’t be seen dead in them now, but things like that can be changed, tattoos are there for life, and endangering your eyesight for vanity is just verging on madness.

It’s not her motives that should be scrutinised, but the ethics of the people who carry out this sort of mutilation for no other reason than money. If these people weren’t permitted to do this stuff then people like Amber wouldn’t be able to get things like this done, but this is the age of the tattoo and go, and other people might think it looks horrible, but it was her choice, and if it makes her happy who are we to judge as long as she’s not harming anyone else, although it is alarming that she found someone who agreed to do the work in the first place.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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