Sarah Palin Is Already Claiming Voter Fraud For An Election That Hasn’t Yet Been Held

Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and vice-presidential candidate, is running for Congress.

Sarah Palin’s foolish statements and absurd assertions were often ridiculed during her term in the political arena.

However, she may have hit a new low this time after she claimed that voter fraud had occurred in an election that hasn’t even happened yet, and that’s why she will lose.

After the death of Republican Don Young in March, Alaska’s only Congressional seat became open for the first time in almost 50 years.

While “I’m going to lose!” doesn’t seem like a winning strategy, Sarah Palin is already expected to lose easily, and Alaskans are uncertain of the former governor.

One local told Alaska Public Media that she appears out of touch with Alaskans right now and that people don’t take her seriously there.

In fact, Sarah Palin’s poll numbers are dismal. There are no polls on the race itself, but there are polls on Sarah Palin’s popularity, and anchorage poller Ivan Moore reported last October that 31 per cent of Alaskans considered Sarah Palin positively, but a whopping 56 per cent viewed her negatively.

With dozens of contenders competing for the seat, Sarah Palin is sure that something nefarious is afoot.

The largely rural state uses mail-in votes to accommodate those who can’t make it to a polling station and has an extended period for them to be returned since numerous residents are out to sea on fishing boats or working in isolated areas of the state. Votes are mailed to every listed voter.

Sarah Palin began defending her impending loss with Fox News’ Mark Levin, and of course, it’s not her fault. It’s Dominion Voting Services’ fault.

Former President Donald Trump’s supporters also blamed the vote tabulation company for his election defeat despite overwhelming evidence that nothing untoward occurred.

She complained that it was only mail-in ballots and that no hand counting to tabulate got to go through a Dominion computer to calculate everything.

Paper votes can be recounted. They’re routinely checked and recounted by hand in contested or closed elections nationwide.

She continued that she received four ballots in the mail and that she didn’t even ask for any ballots. One for one of her daughters that doesn’t live there and that she hadn’t claimed residence in Alaska since she moved outside and said that they called anything outside of Alaska ‘outside’.

She said that the other bizarre thing before describing the system working precisely the way it was supposed to, and she said that everybody was voting right now in Alaska and that votes were pouring in even though people weren’t asking for the ballots, but they were being mailed to everyone.

She said that the election wasn’t until June eleventh, but you vote now, and then she guessed, that you’ve got like six weeks of wasting donor’s money, campaigning, trying to woo people who’ve already voted and that it was a strange system up there.

Republicans nationwide have attempted to disassemble early voting and vote by mail votes meant to spur citizens’ participation in government.

The options have increased the ability of Democratic voters to cast a ballot, spurring the GOP to make fraudulent claims of voter fraud. Donald Trump did the same thing and Sarah Palin simply appears to be attempting to imitate the MAGA leader in a hopeless attempt to woo his followers.

The former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin said that she will run for Alaska’s one congressional seat after years away from national politics, and she casts herself as a warrior against the radical left.

She said that public service was calling and that she would be honoured to represent the men and women of Alaska in Congress, just as Republican Young did for 49 years, and she said that she realised that she had extremely big shoes to fill, but that she planned to honour Republican Young’s legacy by offering herself up in the name of service to the state he loved and fought for because she shared that passion for Alaska and the United States of America.

Nonetheless, she’ll likely go on TV and be extremely loud and troll on Twitter, just like the rest of them, it’s just a dramatisation, but let’s face it they did allow Donald Trump to become president and he was barking mad, so it wouldn’t take much for another whack job to get into Congress, and it seems that skull and less brain is just what America needs right now, but then they never seem to run out of loonies.

However, they will say anything to get money to maintain their lifestyle – botox, plastic surgery, hair appointments, pricey clothes et cetera.

Millions of Americans deserve better but then look what the Americans fell for before, an overweight con job, and they elected the most illiterate, toxic and vile human being for president, and it looks like they’re willing to do it again, so why not this screechy wraith? And it appears that America’s first biggest national embarrassment has returned.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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