The Heatwave Starts Here!

Britons were set for a relaxing day in the sunshine as people herded to the UK’s beaches and parks to take advantage of more generous temperatures that could reach highs of a whopping 23C (73.4F) today.

Last week saw highs of 22C (71.6F) but the next seven days could bring even hotter temperatures to Britain. The mercury could edge towards 26C (78.8F) next week, which could make it warmer to be in Britain than in Mexico.

Alex Burkill, a forecaster at the Met Office, told a newspaper outlet temperature today would be mostly high, with the chance of good weather this and next week, although just when higher temperatures in the mid-20s kick in was difficult to forecast.

He said Sunday would be a decent day for many with some warm and bright spells. He added temperatures of the mid-20s weren’t out of the question, but there were no guarantees.

He said that Britain would mostly have good and dry weather today, although the northwest may see showers in the evening.

The Met Office said that sunshine had not been distributed evenly across the United Kingdom this morning and that things would get fairer through the day as the clouds lift and break up over the next couple of hours, and that the UK pollen count was also thought to stay high today and tomorrow as summer beckons.

The Met Office advised people to remember the sun’s rays could be powerful enough to burn in the United Kingdom from about April to September and added there was a high pollen count from trees and some grass today.

Low lying clouds and swathes of mist cleared this morning as sunlight appeared to provide Brits with a magnificent Sunday in the sun.

The Met Office predicted the day would become more windy and cloudy, particularly in the northwest, which would see patchy rain and a brisk wind in Scotland and the west of Northern Ireland, and that the evening would bring a frost in some of the southeast but that it didn’t spell the end of Britain’s mini heatwave.

The beginning of the week will see sunny periods with a few clouds in most parts of England and Wales, while wind and periodic rain would impact Scotland and Northern Ireland, and the mercury could climb to 21C (69.8) in London on Monday, which could mean the capital would be warmer than popular holiday destinations including Turkey and the Costa del Sol.

In England, a bit of sun comes out and it’s a heatwave.

Admittedly it is a lovely day here. The sun is shining and it’s really lovely, but hardly a heatwave, but it is nice and warm, and let’s face it, anything warmer than the north pole is always good.

Of course, a heatwave in the United Kingdom is anything over 15C – a bit of snow and it’s a Siberian winter and the entire country grinds to a halt. It’s actually rather amusing because it seems that here in the United Kingdom we all seem to be obsessed with the weather.

Clearly, it is getting warmer as we tiptoe into the summer, but seriously why is the weather making the news? Now I could understand it if they said that there was going to be a huge heatwave in the North Pole tonight, now that would be news!

The best news on this though is this. It said “Britons”, and the headlines were very discriminatory because not everyone in England is a Brit in the United Kingdom, and they should have just said the United Kingdom instead.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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