A Man Who Chopped Off His Own Penis And Testicles To Become A Nullo

A man cut off his own penis and testicles using an ultra-sharp ceramic blade so he could become genitalia free ‘nullo’, and then kept his severed organs in the freezer until his mother threw them out.

Trent Gates, a 23-year-old from Washington DC, removed his testicles in a DIY surgical procedure conducted in his own apartment in April 2016, before chopping off his penis in a North Carolina motel room eight months later.

Trent Gates, who says he sanitised the knife for safety and took only analgesics in preparation, was motivated to perform the extreme procedure after seeing another famous ‘nullo’ called Gelding at the age of 15.

A ‘nullo’, also known as a smoothie, is someone who had undergone radical body transformation by having their genitals, and sometimes nipples, surgically removed.

The subculture doesn’t necessarily relate to a person’s sexuality, though many consider themselves eunuchs. Trent Gates identifies as a non-binary person who’s sexually attracted to men.

He said that he used a ceramic knife because it’s sharper than steel, and less ripping and tearing, adding that he took every precaution before surgery and went to the hospital immediately afterwards.

He said that he actually didn’t have an issue with the pain. That he used a little bit of a numbing agent, a little bit of lidocaine on it, and took five milligrams of oxycodone that they prescribed him when he did his balls to take the edge off, and that the same surgeon stitched him up on both occasions.

He told a newspaper outlet that they made sure he got psychiatric treatment just to make sure he was sane and that it was a good decision and the therapists and the psychiatric team said he was good and that he was sane, miraculously.

To help him heal from the procedure, Trent Gates inserted a catheter for several weeks to ensure there was a hole through which he could urinate.

When he removed his testicles it took about a month for the wound to heal, while the place where his penis once was took three weeks.

He explained that he felt driven to do the surgery and Trent Gates said he always felt somewhere between a man and a woman, an androgynous in between.

He said that he had no wish to be a woman and that it was kind of a middle ground in between the two, an androgynous in between.

While it appears that the world has gone totally mad, it really hasn’t, but a few of its passengers have.

Trent must have been very determined or just desperate to perform surgery on himself because I can’t even remove a splinter from my own finger without an ‘ouch’.

Meanwhile back on earth body dysmorphia is a mental disorder and clearly, this man is not sane, and I really hope this won’t encourage loads of copycats, and how come he didn’t bleed to death? And he’s lucky to be alive after doing that to himself. He should have just stepped away from the knife drawer.

Now when he’s out with his mates and they dare him to do something crazy and they say to him that he hasn’t got the balls, will he just nod and agree with them?

We might all believe that he’s crazy but who are we to judge, having never been in that situation. I just hope that the man is happy because there’s no going back now.

To be fair, even if you were having this procedure done in a hospital there would be a significant amount of blood loss which could have killed him extremely quickly, not to mention infection, and you would need a highly trained surgeon and a team to carry out such a procedure – fake news, perhaps!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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