A 76-year-old woman with a 19-year-old boyfriend has gone viral on TikTok.

They say true love has no age, and one couple, from Italy, definitely has skimmed past that, with an age gap of 56 years.

Recently, Giuseppe D’Anna, 19, took the internet by storm, after announcing he’d proposed to his girlfriend, who is 76.

In the clip, that’s been viewed over a whopping 16.1 million times on social media, the young man can be seen kneeling on his right knee with more than a dozen huge balloons in the form of a heart and passionately smooching the lady.

“La nostra promessa” read the caption alongside the viral video, which in English translates to “Our promise”.

The next photo displayed an adorable image of the two, with Giuseppe sporting what appeared to be a gold chain and the bride to be holding a rose.

The 19-year-old, who’s collected near to 190,000 fans on TikTok, also shared a picture of a gorgeous ring.

Although the two may be in love, not everyone was on the same wavelength, with many guessing the true reasons Giuseppe might be seeing the woman, with some thinking that he was pursuing her will, while others were convinced he wanted a Sony PlayStation 5.

And after finding out their age, Giuseppe’s fiancee was also called his grandma on several occasions. However, he appears to be profoundly in love, as he shot back, saying that his love was beautiful, but someone said that she was literally old enough to be his great great grandmother.

But it’s not all negative, as the couple has also managed to gain some supportive fans, like this TikTok user who said that they shouldn’t listen to the hate, date whoever makes you happy, and love who you feel is right for you.

This isn’t the first time a couple with an age gap has gone viral on social media.

Earlier last year, one US couple with a 24 year age gap, took the internet by storm, after announcing they were engaged.

Despite the nasty comments which saw the 61-year-old woman being called the man’s grandma, the couple said the sex chemistry was fantastic, and have even set up a page to share their saucier NSFW content.

It actually is no one else business and they should just leave them alone. The problem is too many people think they’re missing out on something.

The thing is, if it was an old man with a young woman, people probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid, but turn it around and it becomes everyone’s business. If the lady is happy, then who are we to comment on it.

We see a lot of sad-looking young couples, and I’m sure her family are taking care of her family estate if she even has one, and if they get married the lady could always get a prenup, which would definitely show whether he’s in for the big haul or not, otherwise, he will just go running with his tail between his legs.

But people should really stop with the offensive remarks, it will either work or it won’t, either way, it’s none of our business, it’s their business.

There are plenty of 76-year-old men with younger women, look at Hugh Hefner, he was known for it and nobody really cared about that. This woman should enjoy the remainder of her life the way that she wants. They’re both above the legal age of consent, so they should just be left alone.

As long as they’re both happy and he’s not after her money, and let’s hope that he is genuinely in love with her, but if he’s not then he’s the one waking up to a senior citizen every morning, not us!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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