Several Miscarriages Later, A Mother Adopts A Baby But Is Faced With Horrific Online Abuse

A mother who adopted a newborn at the age of 49, after struggling with infertility and suffering from numerous miscarriages has encountered horrendous online shaming from trolls who called her selfish for becoming a mum at such an old age and told her she’s most likely going to die before her daughter grows up.

Kris Monsour, now 51, from Canal Winchester, Ohio, always wanted to become a mother, and she spent more than a decade trying.

Unfortunately, Kris Monsour was unable to successfully conceive, and by 2019 after suffering from multiple miscarriages, she’d almost given up on her dream of having a baby, but then, Kris received a text message from her cousin that transformed her life forever.

The relative, who’s in rehab for addiction, told Kris that he was pregnant and asked her if she wanted to adopt the baby.

She and her husband Clay, 47, officially adopted their daughter, Ainsley, now two, in March 2020.

Kris, who works as an executive insurance director, recently chose to share her journey online but was shocked when she started to receive a bunch of backlash for her decision to become a mum at the age of 49.

Kris has received hundred of hurtful comments from people who’ve criticised her for raising a baby while in her 50s, including one who said she would be a geriatric parent before Ainsley graduates high school, and another who claimed the toddler would have to decide on her mum and dad’s nursing home at the age of 20.

However, the mum of one has replied to her haters in multiple videos posted to her TikTok account, where she’s racked up more than 159,000 followers and nine million likes.

She wrote in the video that there were just a few comments she’s received as an older mum on the app while showing off some of the awful messages that she’d obtained.

One of them read that they didn’t agree with all of this and that she should think about the child.

Another said that when the child reaches the age of 18, Kris would be close to 70 and that most people at that age lose the ability to 100 per cent take care of themselves, and another hater added that she should think about dying when the child is 20.

Kris said in the video that luckily for her, she refused to absorb the toxic comments and that she was far too occupied doing things that feed her soul, but for many words hurt and they should think before they comment.

She wrote in another TikTok while mentioning some more typical comments that she’s received that someone said that 49 was too old to adopt a baby.

The clip showed her carrying little Ainsley while pretending to be exhausted and frail, and she added as she adjusted her stance, standing up straight that this was her at 49, living life and then she strode forcefully towards the camera.

Of course, people live longer these days, and at least they can provide a home instead of orphans who end up in abusive environments. This woman should be commended not humiliated.

This is just a wow moment and all I can say people can be extremely judgmental.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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