University Chiefs Ban Students And Academics From Using Terms Such As ‘Mankind’, ‘Millennials’, And ‘Manpower’

The Universities of Bristol and Nottingham have reportedly banned words like ‘mankind’ and ‘millennial’ to avoid causing offence, while terms such as ‘manpower’ are to be replaced with ‘workforce’.

Woke chiefs at the Russell Group schools fear that everyday expressions contribute to stigmas and can have negative associations it was reported by a newspaper outlet.

At Bristol, students and faculty have allegedly been told to replace the term ‘manning’ with ‘stationed’, while’ able-bodied’ people should now be called ‘non-disabled’.

The 146-year-old university, which counts celebrities like Simon Pegg, David Williams and Matt Lucas as alumni, has also asked that generational monikers like ‘boomers’ and ‘millennials’ be avoided.

As part of its style guide, ‘humankind’ should also replace ‘mankind’, while ‘workforce’ should be used instead of ‘manpower’.

In its writing style guide on its website, under ‘specific terminology’, it reads: ‘Avoid using generational labels (‘Generation X’, ‘Baby Boomers’, ‘Millennials’) where possible, and that it could reinforce negative stereotypes, and the words were not easily understood, especially by some international audiences.

It adds when writing about people in older age groups, the term ‘older people’ is generally preferred and that words like ‘senior’, ‘middle aged’, ‘elderly’, ‘pensioner’, ‘OAP’ or ‘senior citizen’ should be avoided.

Meanwhile, at Nottingham, phrases such as ‘the request fell on deaf ears’ or ‘blind spot’ are now considered out of touch for potentially ‘associating impairments with negative things’.

Words like ‘lame’ and ‘stupid’ are also now discouraged.

Bristol Uni agrees, as its style guide reads: ‘Avoid slang that associates a disability with a negative trait, such as ‘falling on deaf ears’, ‘turning a blind eye’ or ‘the blind leading the blind’.

The guide adds: ‘Use the term ‘non-disabled’ rather than ‘able-bodied’ if you need to describe people without disabilities’.

Tory MP Nigel Mills told a newspaper outlet that free spe

Tory MP Nigel Mills told the Sun: ‘Free speech really is at risk because of these ridiculous ideas.’

Both universities were contacted by a newspaper outlet. Bristol refused to comment.

It comes after the University of York faced ridicule when it slapped a trigger warning on one of its archaeology courses, warning students they might see photos of human remains.

The bizarre flag was placed on its Communicating Archaeology module which starts in September.

Department heads risked being accused of patronising its budding Indiana Joneses over the warning of content surely expected on a course of its nature.

Now it seems that our children and young people are being brainwashed by their woke teachers, and will all our dictionaries and thesauruses be burned because the English language is transforming, so is there a new edition that we’re not aware of?

Words are being burned in front of our very eyes and we’re doing nothing about it, and this appears to be the UK’s version of the book burning in 1930s Germany, and we should be protesting and be as relentless as the woke because this idiocy needs to stop, and when will the sheep stop blindly following these loons?

What right has anyone in a position of power have the ability to determine what terms of speech should be permitted? They should be named and shamed and then removed because it’s a disgrace to our history of freedom.

These are not places of education but indoctrination.

And these people who make these decisions, are we allowed to call them ‘dicks?’ Or is that not politically correct? Or do we just call them ‘genitalia’ from now on?

By manipulating language they control thought. If they control thought then they control action. If they control action then they control the world and we are indeed living in extremely dangerous times!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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