‘Born To Be Eaten’ Giant Rabbits Rescued From Ashington Allotment

Dozens of oversized rabbits, kept in tiny and soiled cages, were recovered from an allotment by the RSPCA.

Officers rescued the 47 bunnies from the hutches and believe they were kept so they could reproduce.

The biggest bunny weighed in excess of 8kg, as much as a Cavalier King Charles or a Pomeranian dog, and sported ears that were 7ins long.

There was an assortment of Flemish giant rabbits and smaller rabbits of all different ages.

Flemish giant rabbits are known as the ‘king of rabbits’ due to their enormous size, although kept as pets, they’re still bred by some for their fur and their meat and it’s thought these rabbits were being reproduced to be eaten.

The rabbits have been signed over to the RSPCA and they will have been checked and cared for by a vet before the process to find them new homes begins.

The rabbits have been sent to a number of different centres and licenced boarding facilities. Others are being looked after by inspectors.

Inspector Trevor Walker, who helped to save the rabbits, said that these poor rabbits were living in cramped and filthy conditions which would have been extremely disturbing for them, particularly in the heat, but luckily the vet discovered that they were all in satisfactory shape, although one is on medication for weeping eyes and a wound on the back of his neck, but that they hoped that they would shortly find loving homes.

He said that they will make good companion animals as they have nice temperaments, but that sadly, rabbits were becoming an increasing concern across the RSPCA as they’re seeing more and more coming into their care because of the impact of the cost of living crisis.

He said that they would encourage people to do their research before taking on a pet and also to make sure they get their pet neutered at an early opportunity to prevent unwanted litters of animals and that all the rabbits would be neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before finding new homes.

Around half of the rabbits were adults and half were babies. Two of the adults were of average size but their litters were crossed with the giant breeds, so the babies will probably develop into larger rabbits than most, and a big thank you should go out to the RSPCA for saving these oversized rabbits because there’s no need for this type of negligence in this day and age.

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