Growing Numbers Of Children Are Living In Appalling Conditions In The United Kingdom

In some parts of England, the state of housing in some areas is like a Dickensian novel. There are families of five or six or more in one bedroom properties, and children are being bitten by rats, and teachers have observed children reaching in bins for food, and going through other children’s pack lunches. WeContinue reading “Growing Numbers Of Children Are Living In Appalling Conditions In The United Kingdom”

The Tackle And Battle Of The Re-Offender

Reoffending adults only happens because being put into prison for minor offences is an institution in itself and, provides conditioning for prisoners to be set free only to break the law once more, merely because they have been conditioned to do so, not by the prison itself, but by other detainee’s whom they’re associated withContinue reading “The Tackle And Battle Of The Re-Offender”

Museums Free for You and Me

Boris Johnson today set in motion a healthy defence for the admission strategy at London’s largest museum which admittance is free of charge, yet after George Osborne slashed their financial plan in his spending assessment, it may be that it will in due course not be free of charge. Free entrance to the museum bringsContinue reading “Museums Free for You and Me”

Boris Johnson the Funny Bunny

He in fact, is a unmindful buffoon at times, particularly with comments like: Why do women go to university? To find men to marry…   He might have a wondering eye for the fair sex, but he certainly has a wondering brain to go with it and, if it wonders anymore, it may wander offContinue reading “Boris Johnson the Funny Bunny”