Disaster For Boris Johnson

According to reports, eurosceptic Tory MPs have cautioned they could vote against any EU trade deal which intrudes on Britain’s sovereignty, even if it’s recommended by Boris Johnson. The Government is presently trying to negotiate a new trade deal with Brussels. This would come into effect when the Brexit transition period finishes at the endContinue reading “Disaster For Boris Johnson”

Businesses Could Turn Away Customers

It’s been claimed that private firms could turn people away if they’ve not had a coronavirus vaccine and a senior cabinet official said that there’s nothing to stop companies from demanding customers having the jab. However, Boris Johnson has said that Government would not force people to get vaccinated, saying that’s not the way theyContinue reading “Businesses Could Turn Away Customers”

Boris Johnson Told You Shouldn’t Have Bullies In Government

Boris Johnson was told that he shouldn’t have bullies in Government by an ex-top civil servant after claims emerged that he attempted to water down the official inquiry that found Home Secretary Priti Patel bullied staff. Downing Street didn’t deny suggestions that Boris Johnson had tried and failed to persuade his standards, ministerial adviser, SirContinue reading “Boris Johnson Told You Shouldn’t Have Bullies In Government”

Weight Loss And Loose Skin

There are numerous people out there who were obese and lost weight and ended up having an excess of saggy skin afterwards, but these people are usually overlooked. Surgery to remove this surplus skin is not accessible on the NHS because it’s classed as cosmetic surgery, but this excess skin can often become painful, distressingContinue reading “Weight Loss And Loose Skin”

The Tories Are Abandoning The Working Classes

Dominic Cummings departure marks the end of a radically victorious experiment to turn the Tories into the party of the provincial English working classes. A year ago, the party campaigned laboriously on a platform to improve the lives of ordinary people – now, hours after Dominic Cummings exit was established, the party briefed a returnContinue reading “The Tories Are Abandoning The Working Classes”

What Has Dominic Cummings Achieved In No 10?

Dominic Cummings arrived in Downing Street with great plans, and the stated intention to only stay long enough to get them moving. So, what has Boris Johnson’s chief adviser and policy touchstone achieved? Perhaps Dominic Cummings most resounding quote from No 10, albeit delivered at second hand was the idea of a hard rain landingContinue reading “What Has Dominic Cummings Achieved In No 10?”

Normality By January?

Boris Johnson is set to buy millions of rapid response coronavirus tests to let the public back into sporting events and concerts by January. The test will make up a crucial element of the Government’s mass testing programme for the nation and would just cost £5. If rolled out, the test could deliver a resultContinue reading “Normality By January?”

Would You Move Christmas Festivities To Summer To Contain COVID 19 Spread?

Members of the Government’s Scientific Group for Emergencies (SAGE) want Britons to ditch plans for family reunions over the festive season, weeks after millions are set to be released from lockdown. The advice presented to ministers says that whenever announcing that a particular form of social interaction needs to be avoided, then they actively proposeContinue reading “Would You Move Christmas Festivities To Summer To Contain COVID 19 Spread?”

Donald Trump Leading Joe Biden In Key Southern States Of Florida, Georgia And North Carolina

Donald Trump is leading in the key Southern battleground states in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, tightening the race to the White House and dashing Democratic hopes of a vibrant victory on election night. With 94 per cent of the votes counted in Florida, Donald Trump was leading by 51.2 per cent to Joe Biden’sContinue reading “Donald Trump Leading Joe Biden In Key Southern States Of Florida, Georgia And North Carolina”

England Shutdown To Start Thursday

A second lockdown in England may last longer than the four weeks outlined by Boris Johnson, admitted Michael Gove. The Prime Minister has decided to prohibit household mixing and shutter pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops, but that came six weeks after scientific advisers first urged him to do so. Following months of insistence to theContinue reading “England Shutdown To Start Thursday”