Members Of Parliament Face Tougher Controls

MPs face tighter restrictions on their taxpayer-funded credit cards after it arose scores have used them for individual expenses and it appears that hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of non-claimable spending has been put on official payment cards since 2010. Some 100 MPs have used the cards for at least three purchases that theyContinue reading “Members Of Parliament Face Tougher Controls”

Boris Johnson Would Resign If He Had An Ounce Of Decency

Boris Johnson would resign if he had a measure of decorum, decency, sincerity or honesty in that body of his, as would Jacob Rees-Mogg who bowed to the Queen and then lied to her face. And indeed Chief Adviser Dominic Cummings, the self-styled genius who acts like a buffoon, a bit like Boris Johnson actuallyContinue reading “Boris Johnson Would Resign If He Had An Ounce Of Decency”