Fibromyalgia is a condition presented by tiredness and widespread fibrous pain and, it’s one of the most soul destroying illnesses.


There doesn’t appear to be a lot of data on how many instances there are, or maybe no one’s adding it up, but what has been counted is that medication drugs and, in one way or another, is the fourth main cause of death and, most of us know that a medical practitioner’s rebut to any illness is to write a prescription and, give a tablet for it.

In the instance of Fibromyalgic people, the catalogue of pills gets bigger as the illness develops.


A great deal of people with Fibromyalgia report symptoms of Fibromyalgia as a sensation as though they were run over by an eighteen-wheeler truck and, whilst sleep disruptions are common amongst sufferers, it’s not transparent whether sleep difficulties are a manifestation of the condition or one of its causes.

We’ve all been informed about the old saying,  ‘Laughter being the best medicine’ and, you might be surprised to hear that medical knowledge in fact backs that up and, that laughter has been demonstrated to cause numerous physiological changes that may be helpful to those with Fibromyalgia.


Laughter hasn’t been investigated specifically for these conditions, but researchers are uncovering more about laughter in general and, in painful disorders such as Cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Fibromyalgia is frequently identified by a medical expert known as a Rheumatologist; as these doctors specialise in Arthritic and Autoimmune disorders and, they can rule out other problems that may have comparable manifestations and, there are no blood tests or x-rays that can tell if a person has Fibromyalgia, but a doctor may use these as part of the diagnostic procedure.


The main diagnostic test involves pressure points; these are particular places on the body that are inclined to be very responsive to gentle pressure among people with Fibromyalgia and, if a number of these pressure points are sensitive and, additional disorders have been ruled out, a doctor may determine Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is as well related with sleep disorders and, inadequate sleep, or restless sleep and, all these merely aggravates the illness.  For years, doctors thought it a psychosomatic (imaginary) disease, resulting from the misuse of muscles, tension, depression or a dozen other things, but Fibromyalgia itself was disregarded as just a name for a tub full of psychosomatic ailments, varying from a sad childhood to a miserable marriage to reduced physical activity and, a lousy view on life.


Doctors, researchers and, patients all have numerous ideas as to what causes the disorder.  A common theme, nevertheless, is that of sleep, as most patients with Fibromyalgia have damaged sleep.  Among the chronic ailments that are often associated with Fibromyalgia, almost all have a negative impact on the persons standard of sleep.

An interesting investigation established that when healthy college students had their sleep thrown into disorder on a methodical basis for a number of weeks, a great deal of them fell ill with the signs of Fibromyalgia, then when they were permitted to go back to their previous sleeping habits, the manifestations vanished.

A number of people have undiagnosed sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea and, it’s feasible that such obscure disorders may be linked to the development of Fibromyalgia in some people, but hopefully future analysis will have the solution.

Getting disability from Social Security for Fibromyalgia is almost out of the question, but it can be done, but only after it has demolished a person’s entire well-being, their will to live and their financial affairs.  There is no cure for Fibromyalgia.  Almost all people are pilled up, and like the living dead so that they can get to sleep at night and, then wake up hung over in the morning from the after affect of the pills.


The neurotransmitters that control how our bodies perceive pain may as well play a part in Fibromyalgia, as might hormone levels and, it’s feasible that the impact of sleep disruption on the development of Fibromyalgia is arbitrated by altered neurotransmitters and/or hormone levels.  A number of other causes have as well been put forward, incorporating both constant and severe infections, injuries, emotional trauma and muscle abnormalities.

There are a number of different medications out there that have been used for pain control in patients with Fibromyalgia, not all of them work and, some work very well.  As well as medication, some people think that their pain is simply too severe to exercise and, it has been recognised that physical activity can help, but a lot of people find it makes their symptoms worse.  Relaxation therapy can assist patients and, Fibromyalgia patients find their own way of managing with the pain, as well as massage therapy and acupuncture and, some people have found that advice and support groups have help them cope with the effect that the disorder has on their lives and families.

Without therapy, Fibromyalgia can deteriorate and, the chronic pain additionally plays havoc on our sleep pattern and, stops people from doing something physical.  These alterations in sleep and exercise patterns make the manifestations of Fibromyalgia worse and, between the chronic pain and the isolation resulting from fewer pursuits, depression can often occur.  The depression can then, in turn, exacerbate the Fibromyalgia.

When people say exercise, we imagine going down the gym and doing a Cardio workout, but it’s not about that at all.

Just strolling to the end of the street is a start each day and, if it can be accomplished, a few minutes further as we go along, but we don’t have to be sprinting down the road like Sally Gunnell each day, even though every day feels like we’ve been doing the 400 metres hurdle in the Olympic athletics event in track and field.

With Fibromyalgia, every day is a hit and miss day; as we fight to get out of bed in the morning, with our stiff backs and, our stiff neck and, the multitude of pain we go through daily, as we do battle to preserve the final bit of vigour that we’ve got left and, the public’s opinion of how we should be.

But the general public are not the first to drive us into melancholy because they all conform with normality, or what they think is normality and, they merely analyse things the way that suits them, as long as the bodily structure is how they want to see it because no one is sensible enough to realise that anything can happen to anyone at any given time and, if they’re ignorant enough to think that it won’t, then they need to be less discriminatory and, be mindful that even though we’re moderately different, people who have a disability are not another breed.

Nearly all people who regard Fibromyalgia people believe it’s all in their heads, or that they’re just depressed because it’s an illness that can’t be easily seen and, can be difficult to comprehend but people with Fibromyalgia are undergoing actual pain and genuine fatigue and, because people with Fibromyalgia in general seem in good health from the outside, they don’t feel fine from the inside, which sadly tends to extract additional prejudice than compassion.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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