NHS Patients Too Scared To Protest!


Sick people in hospital are afraid they’ll be treated worse if they speak up about their problems with their care; as stated by the NHS Ombudsman.


In-patients who are afflicted by poor care in hospitals are being let down by a poisonous cocktail inside the health facilities; as claimed by the NHS Ombudsman.


It was claimed that patients were frequently too prettified to make a fuss in case they were given even more inferior medical care and, those that did speak up were faced with a culture of defensiveness from employees when they were merely searching for a reason.

Investigation found one woman who was worried about her mother, who wasn’t being cleaned, or being assisted to the bathroom, was told to put her complaint in writing.  She was informed her letter would be answered inside 28 days, but the poor lady could have died in that amount of time.

Dame Julie Mellor is calling for changes so that more concerns are acted on without delay and, measures are taken prior to care being threatened.  This would incorporate admission to a free patient guidance service, 24 hours a day and, for every patient to be given a senior person’s name as a first contact for any worries they may have.


It is as well, recommended that patient’s comments are measured regularly so that hospitals can deal with complaints administration to make the system better.

The NHS Ombudsman looks into grievances by people who believe they have been treated unfairly, or had appalling service and, its examination found that the NHS culture meant that those who suffer harm were frequently being refused a straightforward expression of regret.


Approximately half the people who thought about complaining did not and, a great deal were put off because they believed that the process would be too bureaucratic and, others were convinced that it would make no difference.

It was as well found that workers were unwilling to fully investigate complaints because they were frightened of challenging, or holding more senior figures responsible, or of being disciplined for their shortcomings.

This defensiveness is one of the most crucial things people need to defeat and, that it’s about reshaping the discrimination and, not about the course of action we need to take.

There is a complete necessity for an advice service to help patients, but until such time, the NHS seriously needs to look at complaints and learn from those complaints and, to change what’s wrong.

It’s in the interest of everybody who cares about the NHS, from patients, to doctors and nurses, that patients can put one’s trust in somebody when they make a complaint and, that it’s handled properly and meticulously.


There are issues with how hospitals deal with complaints and, that’s why we have a need to carry out inspections on the system and, look forward to the recommendations that are put forward in revising its organisation and, techniques.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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