UKIP’s Idea To Put An End To Benefit Claimants Purchasing Tobacco And Alcoholic Drinks


Some long term benefit claimants would be prohibited from utilising their benefit cash to purchase cigarettes, alcohol or satellite TV subscriptions under plans scheduled to be present at the UK Independence party’s spring conference.

The proposed veto on paying for satellite TV comes merely a fortnight after it was revealed that Rupert Murdoch, the chairman and largest shareholder of News Corp, had met up with the UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, for the first time, inducing speculation that the Sun may back the party.


UKIP’s welfare proposals also cover plans to put an end to paying benefits to EU or alternative foreign nationals in the UK.

Nick Clegg and David Cameron are delivering talks on immigration either side of the UKIP conference.  UKIP’s triumph in the Eastleigh by-election, when it defeated the Tories to take second place, motivated all three main parties to re-examine their immigration strategies.


In his talk, Nick Clegg gesticulated he was renouncing the Liberal Democrat 2010 election assurance to provide justifiable reprieve for unauthorised migrants who have been in the United Kingdom for at least 10 years.


He as well proposed giant fines for employers taking on illegal immigrants and proposed a repayable immigrant bond.

David Cameron will centre on how to decrease EU citizens’ entry to crucial benefits, contending that the lavishness of the benefits acts is a draw for EU nationals, but he was powerless to force direct border controls because of EU provisions on free movement of labour.


The Prime Minister wants the United Kingdom to be perceived as one of the most robust countries in Europe for new immigrants to get access to benefits as part of an operation to decrease the pull factors and set the public’s mind at rest over fears of a surge when restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanians working in Britain are lifted in December.

Ministers have been informed that any actions will have to apply to all recently emerging EU immigrants and, can’t be forced only on those coming from Romania and Bulgaria.

The European commission has, nevertheless, suggested that it’s feasible under the EU’s free movement directive to inflict quite comprehensive limitations on entry to benefits and services once immigrants have been in Britain for three months.

The right to move and live in the UK freely comes with particular stipulations attached which are laid down in the EU’s free movement directive from 2004.  EU nationals have a right to come and visit for up to three months with a legitimate passport or identity card.

To remain for an extended period, they are required to be in employment or have enough assets and sickness insurance not to be an encumbrance on public funds.

Ministers are agreed-upon to be looking at launching an obligatory registration certificate or residence permit for EU nationals residing in the United Kingdom for a further three months.  The document would give them entrance to health and education amenities and furnish evidence of their immigration status for entitlement to welfare benefits.

The cabinet sub committee presided by the immigration minister, Mark Harper, has been studying the European benefits structure.  In Spain, entrance to unemployment and additional benefits is seriously limited for nationals from other EU nations.

The proposed veto on buying alcoholic drink, nicotine or satellite TV comes in a UKIP strategy paper proposing long term claimants should be given an electronic spending card that would be unusable for these commodities.

The electronic card would not be relevant to all claimants, but instead to those who have a dependency and those who choose a lifestyle on benefits.  Nevertheless, we all know that smoking eventually becomes an addiction and that all tobacco merchandise include nicotine, a substance which is as habit-forming as heroin or cocaine.

People do not just opt a life on benefits, for some there is no other option, particularly for those that have been in work and, are subsequently left to claim benefits after being discarded from their job, or being made redundant.

Jobless father of seven Raymond and, his family rent a former council house from their local authority on a social housing estate in North Wales.  They don’t own a car or take frequent yearly holidays.  Raymond who was a former educational software writer has been unemployed since 2001.

The market for his skills dried up 10 years ago and, there’s a total lack of work in his particular prowess.

The pair shares their place of residence with six of their children and, some people browsing this will be shaking their heads and stating that there is contraception obtainable and that he and his wife should have been extra cautious, but the couple who have twin girls and, a five year old son from his initial marriage and, three of his wife’s four children from a previous relationship.

Nevertheless,  when their benefits are broken down, it doesn’t leave this family very much money for anything else other than to feed and clothe the family and, if there is anything else left, it can scarcely be categorised as a luxury, particularly when you think about how much money the Prime Minister and his posse are raking in each month, with the inclusion of their second homes and elaborate pleasure trips and fancy vacations.

I’m sure this family would love to claim that they’re living in one of these eight bedroom country homes that everybody is up in arms about, but no, they are lumbered with a three up, two down house that has the inside dimensions of only 19ft by 25ft.

This family has to decide between eating and heating, there are no luxuries for this family and, everybody is entitled to one luxury in life, or one would just trudge on from day to day, economising and scrapping for a morsel or two.

There is a proverb that we should be thankful for what we have and, to some degree that is true, but we all have to have something in our lives, even if it is just a packet of cigarettes…

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